Dairy Queen

A lot of dairy was consumed today, for some reason. It was all worth it, though. For dinner I made the macaroni and cheese recipe from Cook’s Illustrated. It is very tasty and very, very quick and easy. macandcheese.jpg
I also prepared a base for coffee ice cream.
coffee base.jpg
Don’t worry, though, it’s decaf! I used Peet’s, so hopefully it will be good. Tomorrow I’m going to make a base for chocolate ice cream. You know, it is a bit worrisome making all these heavy, high-fat items. Just looking at whipping cream and half and half makes my arteries kind of seize up. But experimentation is good, right? Maybe I should begin experimenting with fruit sorbets …

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  1. elisabeth says:

    Nicole Miller plates!! I would covet them at Fishes Eddy here in NYC. Beyond fabulous, that’s all I can say.

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