at least he’s trying

Peter does appreciate knitting, and he does try to learn some terminology. The other day, in fact, he referred to “that eyebrow stuff.”*
* I told him about eyelash yarn when he was describing the fluffy scarves that all his students are wearing.

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15 Responses to at least he’s trying

  1. manda says:

    awww. hehehe that’s adorable 🙂

  2. Bea says:

    hahaha — that’s so hilariously cute…!

  3. Stacie says:

    After a discussion with my boyfriend the other day, I think he wishes “eyebrow” scarves wern’t so feminine because he would like to wear one.

  4. Jenn says:

    I have to give it to him, my ex-boyfriend’s eyebrows look a lot like that yarn. You might have just started an “eyebrow” scarf trend.

  5. That’s hysterical! I am trying to teach my hubby to knit, and to teach him how to recognize the purl side of st st, I told him it’s the bumpy side. He thought about it for a second and came up with this pneumonic: BP. Huh? How is a gas station going to remind him of knitting? Oh well. 🙂

  6. Marcia says:

    Maybe he was trying to say high brow stuff?

  7. hannah says:

    knitting freaks my husband out. he cant grasp it spatially. he thinks it is supposed to get longer left to right, not up and down and it just messes with his brain. he tries not to watch me knit anymore…

  8. K says:

    My boyfriend is fascinated by eyelash yarn. I accidentally left a few strands of it in his car after knitting on a trip, and apparently he plays with it during red lights. 🙂

  9. Eilene says:

    That is just too cute. MEN!!!

  10. stef says:

    mike was just asking me the other night about what is up with all the knitting. that girls in school are all knitting in corridors and while walking…LOL, i told him, didn’t you hear – it’s a STITCH N BITCH nation out there!

  11. Kay says:

    After how many years of me knitting — 10 or more — Hubby persists in calling it my ‘sewing’.
    Peter is actually too right– and some of the eyebrows need plucking. xoxo Kay

  12. amy says:

    My hubby Pete(imagine big tall dark handsome fire fighter 🙂 asked me to teach him to knit. He graduated from dish cloths to scarves to hats. I am really encouraging this new hobby as he catches on so darn quick and as a spinner hoping I can spin the wool and he can make the handmade socks I so covet. Maybe you too can convery your Peter! A man who knits is a beautiful thing.

  13. amy says:

    Sorry.. Convert.. I hope you too can CONVERT your Peter into a knitter 🙂

  14. Jennifer says:

    I’ve never met your Peter and I love him already. You’re so lucky. My Gary looks at yarn and guesses “This should probably be knit with a… size 15 needle.”

  15. Stella says:

    Yes, this is a total “me, too” but that’s is just too cute! He really is trying. Give him credit. He can play with us now.

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