I recently participated in the GISBE–the Great International Secret Blog Exchange, hosted by Vivi and Tracey. It was a lot of fun. I sent my package to Katia, an Aussie living in France, and I received my killer package from Deeleea in Australia!

gisbe box.JPG

I mentioned that I was, um, interested in local foodstuffs (the understatement of the year), and as you can see, Deeleea took this to heart. Those Tim Tams*? Incredible! And the chips (or crisps, if you prefer) were delicious, too. I am enjoying every bite!
*Peter thinks the Tim Tams would be good frozen! Think I should try it?

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  1. kat says:

    Ooh, I am so jealous of that MASSIVE box of goodies from Australia – I love Iced vovos!! I couldn’t stand it the other day and ordered a bunch of my favourite foodstuffs from the FBC’s Aussie Store. Expensive but definitely worth it.

  2. Lizette says:

    What a fun exchange! I got to get myself involved in one of those. I have enjoyed your blog for a while. Keep sharing. L

  3. deeleea says:

    Peter’s right… try them frozen…
    Also… there is a very decadent thing you can do called the Tim Tam Slam
    Ingredients… Tim Tams and Mug of Hot Chocolate (Belgian preferred)
    Take the Tim Tam in one hand and bite a corner off at one end
    Turn it around and bite off the diagonal corner..
    Put the biscuit in your your hot choc and suck some of the drink through, like a straw… Don’t take too long over this part of the biscuit (cookie) will disintergrate…
    Then quickly put the biscuit in your mouth and let it all melt.
    Swallow it in ecstasy
    Lick your fingers
    I could eat a whole packet this way and not even flinch…
    But I don’t…

  4. erin says:

    Tim Tams taste great straight out of the fridge. We have to put them in the fridge becos it is so hot where I live the choc melts at room temperature! Have you tried kit kat straight out of the fridge too? yum yum, crispy and chocolatey.

  5. erin says:

    tim tams taste great straight from the fridge. We have to put them in the fridge cos it’s so hot where I live that the choc melts. Try kit kat straight from the fridge too – crispy and chocolatey at the same time!

  6. jacqueline says:

    Oh my – she sent you Tim Tams! These are like the perfect biscuit in Australia. You eat them when:
    1) You are happy and want to suck hot chocolate through them (as mentioned previously)
    2) Have a relationship break-up…perfect comfort food
    3) In front of the TV with a good DVD
    4)A pyjama party with your girlfriends
    5)Actually pretty much anytime.
    They have just brought out a new variety called “Chilli and dark chocolate!” Talk about DIVINE!
    Iced Vo Vo’s are had at afternoon tea with Nanna.
    Enjoy the goodies and welcome to Australian foodstuffs!

  7. stinkerbell says:

    no dont freeze them!
    Caremel tim tams are my favorite and PERFECT for the tim tam orgasm (where you bit off one corner. use the cookie like a straw (in tea or heated drink) and then bit the other end.- ooey gooey goodness!)

  8. Leisl says:

    Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn! Everybgdy bet me to telling you about the “Tim Tam Slam TM”. Although I do it with coffee, which is DIVINE.
    Don’t freeze the VoVos. Trust me.

  9. carolyn says:

    kristen brought me timtams when she came back from australia. fucking delish aren’t they. yum yum yum yum yum.

  10. Meredith says:

    Whoo, those Tim Tams sound dangerously divine! And I’m finding those VoVos totally fascinating…does that say “sweet and interesting” on the label? Hmm….never seen a food advertised as “interesting.” Let us know how they are!

  11. treefen says:

    I’ve been lurking for a while, but had to come out of hiding to mention that if you like port, it is absolutely dreamy with TimTams. You can’t do the Slam with it, but if you have a sip of port with a bite of biscuit – yum!

  12. Chris says:

    Tim Tams from the freezer are awesome! You should definitely try it!

  13. jenn says:

    what a great idea! I hope they do another one. that would be so interesting. your site is so interesting. I can’t tell you how many bags I have made from your totebag 101! thanks!

  14. mrkiasu says:

    How come australian local food is bisket and snack one. Did you send back a box of “bah kua” to her also. Got give got return mah.

  15. Merinda says:

    My god, I am SO jealous of the tim tams – and is that a giant caramello koala i spy? Japan SO needs to import those. Enjoy the feast. 🙂

  16. Alison says:

    And you need to eat the Caramello veeerrryyy slowly, because they never last long enough…
    And be prepared for the Salt and Vinegar chips, you may lose a layer of the inside of your mouth for a little while, lol!!

  17. CJ says:

    Oh my! I love Tim Tams! I discovered them while on my honeymoon, and they sure are divine! I’m so jealous… 😉

  18. Melissa says:

    I’ve been lurking for a while, but I had to comment about Tim-Tams. My husband and I just got back from an Australian vacation with 10 packs of Tim-Tams. Friends in Sydney froze them and they were wonderful…enjoy!

  19. Susanne says:

    Long time reader first time commenter-had to comment on the Tim Tams. I love regional snackies and Tim Tams are one of my favorites! Didn’t think to freeze them and now they’re all gone…Just want to say snaps on all the crafts and food stuffs, I totally dig them!

  20. Rachael says:

    Woot! Tim Tam Slam! (I like slamming mine with milk.) Hey, there’s a South Pacific store up here in San Leandro that sells ’em – let me know when you need more.
    Also: Yes, we were going to Royal. You’re GOOD.

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