just can’t get enough

Ha ha ha ha, I made another wristlet thingy!

mini wristlet.JPG

This is a mini version. It’s rather japonesque, non? I put the Mr. Donut mug in there for scale. Here’s the lining:
mimi wristlet inside.JPG

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15 Responses to just can’t get enough

  1. Lizette says:

    Cute! I got to make one for myself so I don’t lose track of wallet, phone, keys, pen, mole, etc…when I change bags. But I don’t want to make a huge wristlet thingy! L

  2. molly says:

    Those wristlets are great, I really want to make one! If only I had a sewing machine AND 8 days in a week…

  3. claudia says:

    I’m getting ready to approach my sewing machine. Wish me luck.

  4. carolyn says:

    c’est magnifique.

  5. Kay says:

    Clever girl. Japonesque indeed.
    My favorite Japanese craft book du jour is ‘Les Tabliers Sont Arrives de Paris’. Just tickles the heck out of me. A fantasy of French aprons through a Japanese aesthetic lens. A few of them could be worn to elegant parties with just a slip underneath.
    Oh, and the fact that I own this book? Your fault. xoxo Kay

  6. Megan Jane says:

    Fabulous! Waiting to hear how you obtained or made that label….Do tell!

  7. monica says:

    you’re unstoppable!!! oh how i wish i could sew more than just hemming pants…..

  8. Reese says:

    Oh that is the cutest! Did you follow a pattern or just wing it? I do so love the patterns. Mo kawaii!

  9. Karen says:

    love the patterns.

  10. Amy in AZ says:

    After reading your post I had Depeche Mode in my head… is that on purpose? Your wristlets rock and you are definitely master of the sewing machine…showin’ it whose boss!
    You rock!

  11. Tina*:) says:

    Aloha Mariko!
    Cute little wristlet! Does it hang or does it wrap around the wrist? [closes with velcro?] This would be good for walking, to put keys and a few bucks in*:)
    [Psss…I have the same fabric you used for lining, except in a black scheme! I plan to use it for lining in a Weeteeny Bag–did you see it? I’ll show you if you want to!*:]

  12. Redhottamalie says:

    I saw your Java a go go on MagKnits.
    I think it is so cute… Problem is… I can’t knit.
    I can crochet though… do you have a converted pattern? Or know how to convert it? Or know where to point me? This would be such a PERFECT Birthday gift for my sister…

  13. Christie says:

    Great choice of material…the contrast is beautiful

  14. melissa says:

    maybe you should also be selling the wristlets with the dog coats! very cool!

  15. stacie says:

    I just made 3 wristlets!!! I’m hooked now!

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