do you like totes a lot, totes a lot, totes a lot

You’d think I have enough bags, but, well, Peter doesn’t call me the bag lady for nuthin’! When I saw some of Chikako‘s new items at her Nordic Section shop, I just couldn’t resist this little goodie:

nordic tote.JPG

Cute, huh? It’s a nice little tote!
And here are some gift bags I picked up at Ichiban Kan, the dollar store in San Francisco’s Japantown:
ichibankan bags.JPG

I don’t know if you can read the text very well. The one on the left features a squirrel saying, “If acorns are not collected more!” Um, yeah, right on squirrely! The one in the middle has a dog wanting to go for a walk, and the pink one on the right has an elephant stating, “It is fine. I want to go to play somewhere.”

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  1. molly says:

    I know what you mean about the bags. When I go shopping now, I have to promise myself, before leaving the apartment, that I will not buy a new tote. There are just too many cute ones here! Love the gift bags, too. I’m impressed with your self-restraint in only buying 3!

  2. clare eats says:

    Ooh Coffee tote, I am so jealous!
    How cool is Engrish 🙂

  3. claudia says:

    Totes are a harmless addiction. What’s the worst thing that could happen?

  4. ~Jo~ says:

    Last week after buying too much yarn (I mean there’s never too much, right?) I bought a new tote bag to carry it home. Tote bags are practically, environment friendly, less need to use plastic bags. Oh and some are just too cute to leave at the store. 😉

  5. Kay says:

    If ever I have seen anything that is nonchalant with sensibility, it’s that squirrel bag. Good going.
    What I love about the Japanesified English is that it’s almost impossible to imitate it if you, um, actually speak English.
    Tote-Addicted in NY

  6. brit says:

    Is is possible to have too many totes? hmm one for school, one for baby stuff, one more for baby toys, one for quilting stuff, one for extra clothes for me, one for another quilting project.

  7. emily says:

    that squirrel bag made my heart skip a beat!

  8. sequinK says:

    I love ichiban kan — I always drag my family there when we’re in J-town. Dollar stores are fun, but a Japanese dollar store? Beyond cool!

  9. amy in az says:

    Great coffee cup bag!
    OK, why didn’t I buy those bags too!? I saw you pick them up and show me, but I was dollar store trance with all the other fun stuff and just coming down from the Kinokuniya rush– no fair!!
    Great finds my dear! xo

  10. knittykim says:

    I wonder, if somewhere in is an “Everything .99” store that has English sayings translated in Japanese. AND if they think the translations are as silly as what is translated from Japanese to English by some manufacturers. Or if they just think we are uncultured. I should go check it out…I just hate to travel. Not the places, the actually traveling process…planes, airports, customs, etc

  11. knittykim says:

    below should read: Somewhere in JAPAN
    Now we know what is going on: there are people like me doing the translating.

  12. freecia says:

    Yay! Ichiban Kan! The one store that I love just about as much as Kinokuniya. The freecia, she is most addicted to the Japanese stationary, but if the freecia does not buy the first rate merchandise, she will buy the still well-made Japanese deals from the Ichiban Kan. That store, they have the limited quickly rotating stock, but also the super wonderful low prices. And the most super fabulous plastic items.
    And I will cease typing like the Manolo. (I love pens the way “The Manolo” loves shoes. It competes with yarn but is a tad bit smaller and therefore more easily hidden)

  13. anh-minh says:

    In case it’s more convenient for anyone to head to the Peninsula instead of SF’s Japantown, there’s an Ichiban Kan in downtown San Mateo as well. Smaller, but still some good finds!

  14. moki says:

    I kept expecting you to say “totes a latte.” I went to the japanese dollar store in LA’s Little Tokyo. I loved it!!! It’s a good thing I live 2 states over!

  15. Lydia says:

    Love the coffee bag! As a fellow foodie I thought you might find this funny too: This is the funniest little movie I have seen in a long time my sides still hurt from laughing – Way to go Veggies – “May the Farm be with you” *G*
    Here is the link:

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