I have returned

Well, Amy is safe at home now. We had a fun-filled weekend with glorious weather! We stayed in a very cute little hotel in San Francisco that I must recommend: Cornell Hotel. It’s a French hotel in a great location just above Union Square. They even have a resident Golden Retriever that escorts you to your room and understands French!
Okay, I have to confess that I only took one photo the entire weekend. Here it is:

amy with matcha drink.JPG

There’s Amy with her frozen slushy matcha drink with little mochi squares on top. We got those at Cafe Hana in Japantown, where we also hunted down craft books and cute stationery at Kinokuniya. We also got incredible 15-minute shiatsu massages from some young lanky Asian boy and had dinner with cancer-killing Megan.
So anyway, Saturday we hit the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market where we enjoyed Blue Bottle Coffee and sampled June Taylor jams. We met Thuy there, whom we dragged around downtown with us (she has quite a few incriminating photos of the day). After the market we went to the yarn mecca that is Artfibers. Now, I know a lot of you out there hear about Artfibers all the time, but really, you can’t know how amazing the place is without actually GOING there. The web site cannot accurately reflect how luscious and yummy and addictive the yarns are!
I am getting kind of boring with my blow-by-blow account. I’ll just say that we also hit Britex Fabrics, saw a man wearing all orange and yellow and carrying an orange and yellow Hello Kitty messenger bag (yes, he was dressed more colorfully and ridiculously than me!), and went by Kinokuniya in San Jose, too. Sadly, we missed Rachael, the Full Thread Ahead launch party, and the Mike Doughty show, but one can only do so much.
I have to go fold laundry now, so I will leave you with a shot of my new jam and fabric:
jam and fab.JPG
I hope you all had a weekend as fun as mine!

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13 Responses to I have returned

  1. clare eats says:

    Hi Mariko,
    sounds like great fun! I might have to make a trip to Kinokuniya… on saturday

  2. chronicler says:

    Cool! Spirograph fabric! Neat!

  3. Nadia says:

    Dude! You have Spiralgraph fabric! I am immensely jealous of you. I am now reliving my eighties childhood by geeking out at this cool Sprialgraph site:

  4. tyreiko says:

    Doh! less than 5 min. from my house (SJ Kinokuniya). Did you find any of those bead books (the ones that make little items, like the dessert one you already own?) Sounds like a great weekend! -t

  5. freecia says:

    The launch for Full Thread Ahead was fun! I think I spotted bogie of knitflix. Discounts still can be had online! (I loved the variegated rainbow wools, bamboo, and soy silk yarns)
    Next time I go to Japantown, I’ll be sure to stop at Hana to try the geisha float or mochi freeze. Went to Halu Ramen last Friday and the second type (in B set) of ramen was yummy. Thanks for the tip. Also stopped by SJ Kinokuniya and scored a How to Crochet book by the Prince of Knitting (and Crochet I’d guess) plus ah, about another $20 of stuff that somehow became vital for surviving.
    And BTW, those shoes are awesome.

  6. michelle says:

    love going to sf japantown…buying books from kinokuniya! that matcha drink with the mochi on top sounds yummy. artfibers and britex…drool. went there almost fainted. artfibers has the friendliest staff ever!

  7. stinkerbell says:

    ok who cares about the shoes the skirt looks adorable, and you so pull it off.
    Can I just tell you how much I wish I had hair that would do what yours does without an entourage to do it for me?? 🙂
    Hope you enjoyed ArtFibers for me!

  8. claudia says:

    Artfibers! Good weather! Jealousy abounds.

  9. carolyn says:

    if i weren’t on vacation right now i’d be dying of jealousy. as it is, the jealousy level is at curable cancer. damn girlfriend.

  10. Silvia says:

    That sounds like a perfect weekend! Now that the jam obsession has been sated, will you start baking luscious breads to spread it upon?

  11. Carol says:

    Is that a Geisha float that Amy is enjoying? Yum. You should visit again soon!

  12. Marie says:

    I’m so jealous! Sounds like you both had a great time! Roll on October when I can visit SF again!

  13. Arin says:

    LOVE the Spirograph fabric–it totally gives me deja vu for third grade!

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