super crafty cabinet maker

I guess I am the indoor craftsperson, and Peter is the outdoor craftsperson. Look what he whipped up over the weekend:

ebox before and after.JPG

Before and After

There’s the unsightly electrical box with cords followed by the lovely custom cabinet. Since I am, as my brother would say, an idiot, I didn’t take the photos from the same angle. Sorry.
Hope everyone had a nice long weekend. Yesterday we went to Santa Barbara for the day. I know that might sound glamorous, and yes, it’s nice we can go there for the day, but really, we spent most of the time just getting there and back. Here’s the view from the house we visited:
mitch view 2.JPG

Nice ocean view, huh?
Oh, and one final thing. I tested out Skype today with my brother, and it is great! The audio is very clear. Y’all should get on it!

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9 Responses to super crafty cabinet maker

  1. schmeebola says:

    do i just stick a finger in the usb port and start skyping? oh do i just shout really loudly at the monitor?

  2. betty says:

    wow! Peter is amazing.

  3. greta says:

    I know it is a long way….but can you guys drive out HERE? I *need* a couple of really cute skirts and some custom cabinets…
    I’ll feed you candy and deep fried things!
    The poodles are VERY intruiged with this dream about knitting for them. They LOVE to be the center of the Universe! BTW….
    I have been coveting your shoe collection…were those pink and GREEN running shoes in the photo shoot from the Artfibers trip?
    MUST have the link to THOSE!

  4. Norma says:

    Wow! is all I can say. 😉

  5. amanda says:

    Wow…that’s fabulous! I just love how the meter “peeks” out!

  6. freecia says:

    And I’d use skype if I had anyone to talk to occasionally. Despite my best efforts, even my boyfriend just calls me via the phone.

  7. Rosa says:

    He’s a keeper! He is as talented at cabinetry as you are at knitting, sewing, cooking, etc.

  8. K. Anne says:

    Don’t you just love a handy man?

  9. Stella says:

    Good job, Peter! Keep him around. He seems to be handy…

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