daisy dukes

No, I don’t wear short shorts like Daisy Duke, but I do wear daisy shorts!

daisy shorts.JPG

I used my standard McCall’s shorts/pants pattern (it has been discontinued) and the leftover vintage daisy fabric. Very comfy!
And can we talk about doing stupid stuff now? I just downloaded and installed Trillian, one of the instant message thingies. Now, I’m not really an instant message kind of gal. I recently installed Skype, but the only ‘person’ I have spoken to is the robot test voice. At some point years ago I signed up with maybe Yahoo or AIM or something like that. When I installed Trillian, I typed in what I thought my user name may have been for the services, but I had no idea if it was correct. I log on, and there are names from YEARS ago on there. Where did they come from? And then I get an instant message from someone, and I DID NOT KNOW WHO IT WAS. The person mentioned something about having a sister, so I called my brother and asked IS THIS YOU, and he called me an idiot, since it was indeed him. I am too old for this instant message business.

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11 Responses to daisy dukes

  1. Shannon says:

    YOU HAVE CROCS! Mom sent them to me overhere! If I were CROC CEO I’d definitely market them in Japan. Though my Japanese friends give me funny looks, they are hooked after one trial…if they can get past the initial “okii desu ne” reaction. Mine are green! Didn’t know they came in pastels! I’ll have to tell Mom! Are they popular in the US? I just kind of thought they were one of Mom’s random finds!

  2. megan says:

    Oh Donut, your mind is going. You don’t even know your own brother anymore!
    You look way hotter than Jessica in your daisy shorts 🙂

  3. steff says:

    Very nice shorts!!
    And… about chat services – I’m not a fan of “written” chat either, but I recently installed Skype and now all my overseas phonecalls (ET phone home) are FREE! I was reticent at first but it actually works.

  4. stinkerbell says:

    but seriously IM’ing is the shiznit! you just have to adjust yourself to it 🙂

  5. cari says:

    Those shorts are just too damn cute… Love them.

  6. Kerstin says:

    Now those are *crazy*!

  7. Elaine says:

    HA! I feel like that too. I remember when I first started using instant messaging years ago. I freaked out! All these people started talking to me, saying, er, typing “Are you there?” or “Welcome!” All of these people I didn’t know. I haven’t been back since. You are braver than me to try again.

  8. meg says:

    Noone who wears such cute shorts can be too old for anything. 🙂

  9. lana says:

    Cute shorts!!!! Those daisy’s rock!!! hehe ^_^

  10. Stephanie VW says:

    Those are some crazy shorts! Wooo weeee!
    And the instant messaging – confusion about your brother thing? I read it at the office and almost fell out of my chair. That’s something I would do.
    (Oh, I posted a recipe you might like to try!)

  11. Stephanie says:

    Yay! Crocs! I have a pair in periwinkle 🙂

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