judging a book by its cover

I am a sucker for packaging, and I think all everyday items, such as garbage cans, utensil holders, pencils, sandwich bags, you name it, should be cute or pleasing to the eye. I mean, why not? So, when I saw these cute household items at the store the other day, they quickly landed in my shopping cart:


Paper towels & Gladware containers!

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16 Responses to judging a book by its cover

  1. Jan says:

    Oohhh, very nice! I’m happy to see that household product companies are finally starting to update their designs.
    How about Kleenex boxes, now? That’s the one I’m waiting for.

  2. ~Jo~ says:

    I am SO with you on packaging! I’ve been known to buy stuff not ‘really’ essential just because I liked how it looked! 😉 We don’t use paper towels but those gladwares look pretty neat. 🙂

  3. froggy says:

    too cute to pass up for sure.

  4. Nadia says:

    Tiny bubbles make me happy…

  5. freecia says:

    Cute gladware.
    I once bought ziplock? cups which were made of sturdy blue plastic and a nifty top that allowed you to either drink from it regularly or pop a straw into a special straw hole. And it was good for hot beverages without that plastic taste.
    This stuff is all so seasonal and short lived, though, so sometimes I go a bit nuts and buy more stuff when I know I don’t need it.

  6. Tooth Carrie says:

    Oh I am so with you on the packaging thing. I am such a sucker for that stuff.

  7. stinkerbell says:

    very cute, and I probably would have been suckered in for them too!

  8. Dixie says:

    Check out these ziplock bags! http://www.mobi-usa.com/storefront/mobi-store/order.aspx
    I must have those paper towels – what brand are they?

  9. ani says:

    Love your site! Polka dots and lines! Right up my alley!

  10. Gina says:

    You are such an enabler! I love/hate you and your penchant finding and sharing adorable packaging.

  11. Julie says:

    Jan stole my thunder on the ugly Kleenex box conundrum, but if you find any that are this side of horrendous, please do share! I love the paper towel design you selected, so I’ll trust your judgement.

  12. Laura says:

    Man, now I want those super adorable polka dot containers! Very cute! Thanks for sharing the prettiness.

  13. Brooke says:

    Here, here! Love those cute designs.
    I also believe that good simple design doesn’t have to be expensive. I only wish more companies believed the same thing…

  14. kelly says:

    Those paper towels are outstanding! Do tell where you discovered them so that we can all (attempt to) be as cool as you!

  15. Lisa says:

    Oh, those totally would have gone home with me too… those marketers are very, very smart!

  16. hannah says:

    i ALWAYS agonize and deliberate over the paper towel designs, it drives my husband mad. but i refuse to come home with the roll that has stupid sailboats or country crap. very nice fine. i saw with mine own eyes a most excellent set of four glasses at walmart with a similar polkdadot pattern. if there are dots on it, im buying it!

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