je vais tricoter avec le fil de variegated

Apparently Carolyn decided she had a few too many miles (seriously, she knows how many MILES of yarn she has in her stash) of variegated yarn, cuz I got a surprise package today*:

phil ruban.JPG

Enough Phil Ruban to make the long-sleeved sweater in the accompanying French knitmag! By the way, I realize the photo is blurry. I was too lazy to reshoot, so please just pretend it’s an artsy fartsy shot, and the blurriness is intentional. MERCI BEAUCOUP, MON AMIE.
*The package came via UPS. I’m afraid the mailboy has gone back to his ways of providing only low-quality mail. I asked him about the whereabouts of Dave, and he feigned ignorance while carefully backing away from our door.

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2 Responses to je vais tricoter avec le fil de variegated

  1. carolyn says:

    that mailman is up to no good!

  2. Silvia says:

    It’s hard to believe your mailboy is scared of you?! You’re not scary, plus you make yummy food. Maybe he’d like some yummy food…entice him to the door like some sort of wild animal.

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