bag for thuy

It was the schmeebot‘s birthday the other day, so I made her a little bag:

thuy case.JPG thuy case side.JPG

It is sort of a makeup case style. I’m out of practice at this design, so there were some hair-ripping moments, but I think it came out pretty cute. The fabric is super cute, so that helps. Heh heh.
So speaking of bags, the ebay auctions end Tuesday! The first one ends at 2:30 pm Pacific Time, so please get your last-minute bids in there if you are interested. Thank you all for your interest and support!

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  1. carolyn says:

    wow! awesome use of that fabric. you’re so talented girl.
    my wristlet came in very handy this hot weekend, btw, when i didn’t want to carry a whole bag. except for the moment when i didn’t realize i forgot to zip it back up after taking my keys out and subsequently dumped all my money on the floor while opening my mailbox! doh!

  2. Alison says:

    Very sweet – and looks incredibly well made!

  3. duyen says:

    cute! do you have a pattern to share for this bag?

  4. clare eats says:

    that bag is awesome!

  5. Eva says:

    VERY cute! Love the new bag… and the other ones… and apparently everyone else does too, judging by the bids!

  6. Stephanie says:

    oooh! adorable – and is that a perfectly matched zipper that I see? You’re so clever!
    Yer Eggplant Auctions are going smashingly 🙂 may the end with a even more fantastic bang!

  7. betty says:

    this is super cute!!!
    won’t you auction a couple of those?? please, please, please??? 🙂

  8. freecia says:

    I’m in a budget non-spending mode (or rather a I shouldn’t spend mode) but lemme just say if that bag went on eBay, it’d be mine. I’d be all over like chocolate fudge, nuts, whip cream, and cherry on an ice cream sundae. Your friend is superlucky!

  9. Kerstin says:

    Very cute! Love the fabric, too.

  10. christina says:

    That is SUCH a cute bag. And just look at your bids at eBay. You’re going to be rich!

  11. eva says:

    The bag is absolutely FANTASTIC!!! Thuy will love it 🙂

  12. Gina says:

    Wow! That is just too cute!

  13. Jenn says:

    Oh you simply must make a Schmeebot bag to put on ebay! I must have one too – Super cute! I *love* the fabric. I’m so jealous Thuy!

  14. Carol says:

    I LOVE IT! So cute in shape, pattern, and green zipper too 🙂

  15. Lori says:

    Fabulous little bag! You certainly have an eye for color. Was it a pattern or did you make it up on your own?

  16. Meredith says:

    This is so fabulous! At first I thought it might be a lunchbox and I was so excited…think you could make some lunch pouches and sell those on ebay?

  17. Jennie says:

    I really think you need a 101 on these bags! I want to make some!

  18. hannah says:

    im digging the shape of this bag, have an interior shot? the fabric is just awesome, i firmly approve of dots! btw, did you ever make that trench out of munki munki fabric you blogged about a few months ago?

  19. myra says:

    That bag is so awesome! Did you have to use any interfacing to stiffen up the fabric?

  20. Daphne says:

    Aha! $1.50 nothin’. You’re going to be rich shortly.

  21. J Strizzy says:

    I love the fabric — indeed very cute. And the shape. And especially the super eggplant label!

  22. melissa says:

    that’s a great bag pattern and a very fun fabric!

  23. jenn says:

    I am so glad to see that someone else purchases their fabric for bags relatively cheaply! I recognize that dot pattern! Super cute bag, would love to copy! 🙂

  24. tracy says:

    This is so cute. I think I hear ebay calling… 🙂

  25. Amy says:

    Ooh, how cute. I love it. Maybe you should branch out into laptop cases…

  26. mm says:

    That bag is SO cute! I love the fabric too — it matches my blog background.

  27. Danielle says:

    You never cease to amaze me! I love your makeup bag!!! Where can I purchase one? 😉

  28. angela says:

    That is the cutest darn bag!!! Great job!

  29. Tricia says:

    ooooh. Pretty please – could you share the pattern. I just love this bag!

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