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Hey! The auctions have ended, and I want to thank you all for your participation and interest. I guess I can now confess that I had a dream that a couple didn’t sell and a couple sold for $2.25! Anyway, I hope the auction winners enjoy their wares.
So anyway, I told Carolyn I would help her try to sell a pair of shoes she recently purchased. She can’t wear them because her orthotics don’t fit into them, and take it from a fellow orthotics wearer, it’s not worth the risk to go commando.


FOR SALE: one brand new pair of black Keen Seattle shoes in size 8.5. $65 via paypal. Price INCLUDES shipping! Such a steal! These shoes sell for around $85. If interested, please contact Carolyn at carolyn(at)prettyposies(dot)com.

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  1. holly says:

    hello! i am a long-time lurker and i can’t recall if i’ve ever commented before, but i was wondering where those shoes came from? they are a size and a half too big for me but i like the look of them!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Congrats on your sales Mariko 🙂
    ooh Keens…Fun shoes. I have a pair of Newport H2s (that do not accept orthotics as they have the moulded footbed) and a pair of Boulders (which do accept orthotics…hoorah!)

  3. freecia says:

    holly- I think I’ve seen these at REI

  4. sayuri says:

    keens rock!
    me and my saratogas are inseparable… need another pair! 🙂

  5. Becky says:

    Darn! Those shoes are too big for me or I’d be a-paypalin’.
    P.S. I wanted to bid on your wares but you don’t ship outside of hte U.S. 🙁

  6. Jenny says:

    What a surprise to see you mention orthotics!! I wear orthotics, and kinda thought it was for old fogies,haha! Congrats on your auctions doing so well!

  7. sandy says:

    I love my Keens, which are really similar to these except they are the red ones with the holes in the toe area. I wear them almost every day. And I just bought a black pair on eBay!! Your purses and pouches were wonderful, I’m glad you had such a great eBay experience.

  8. marielle says:

    I love Keen Mary Janes. Wish they were a 6, because I’d like a backup pair – I wear mine almost daily!
    Holly – the style pictured (Seattle Mary Jane) is no longer being manufactured in adult sizes, but the updated version, the Keen Vancouver, is available on – it’s similar, but not as clunky.
    Just sharin’ the shoe love 🙂

  9. oiyi says:

    Congrats on the auction! You need to make more stuff to sell. I love the makeup case!

  10. Sandee says:

    Oh, those are so cool! Wish they were a 7! dang!

  11. Becca says:

    Do you know if those shoes run big or small? I’m normally a size 9, but I can wear some 8.5s (especially if they’re really cute and don’t come in 9s).

  12. Deb says:

    I’m so excited about my new pouch! And thrilled to see how well all you auction items did. Congratulations!–valleruata on ebay

  13. mimi says:

    when i got my seattles (just a few months ago, i swear!) i wound up needing a size larger than i “normally” take (i got an 8 instead of a 7). i really cannot say enough good things about these shoes!!!

  14. D' says:

    Hi! Have you sold the shoes yet? I might be interested… 🙂

  15. D' says:

    Oops… just realized I ought to be emailing Carolyn instead. *blush*

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