ready for the party

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The 12 cartons of ice cream for the Dreyer’s neighborhood block party I won arrived this week! It doesn’t look like that much ice cream, does it? It’s supposed to serve 100 people, but clearly Dreyer’s has never seen me eat ice cream.
I still need to make invitations and take them around the neighborhood. We are planning on having the party on the 24th, so I really need to get things rolling! I have sampled the coffee flavor, and Peter has sampled several. He has decided it’s perfectly okay to nibble and taste all the flavors. What are the neighbors going to think when they open the cartons and find little bites taken out?

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4 Responses to ready for the party

  1. Jennifer says:

    Hear! Hear! 12 cartons = 12 servings. What was Dreyer’s thinking? It’s a good thing you didn’t run out in advance of its arrival to buy a deep freeze to house the ice cream. : )
    I scream
    You scream
    We all scream for ice cream

  2. carolyn says:

    you are such a tease posting about a party you know i can’t come to…

  3. freecia says:

    Dude. False advertizing by Dryers. Block Party. Hah! Considering most people can finish a pint of ice cream, maybe 12 cartons is a bit frugal…
    Little bites of ice cream missing is less disturbing than picking up a See’s chocolate, turning it over, and seeing someone has pushed in the bottom in attempts to figure out the flavor of the filling.
    What if you’d won a “Famous Band in your Backyard” party and only three of five of the band members showed up? I think you’re rightfully dismayed. Good thing you didn’t post up the big signs offering a free for all!

  4. Mia says:

    That doesn’t like like enough ice cream for 100 people. That looks like maybe enought for 20 to 30 people provided you and Peter stay out of it. That was false advertising on the part of Dreyers.

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