bean bag

I wanted to make a little something to thank Que (also known as Bean) for showing Thuy and me around Los Angeles, so I made, you guessed it, a little tote!

bean bag.JPG

I used the Hasi Hester vintage fabric I scored a while back. Que runs a wedding flower business, so I thought the pussywillows were appropriate.

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19 Responses to bean bag

  1. amineko says:

    wow wow wow! super tote!

  2. Lee Taylor says:

    Fabric really does not get any better than that. I am so in love!

  3. melissa says:

    Cool fabric! Reminds me of Marimekko.

  4. chelee says:

    That bag is spectacular. The fabric is just amazing.
    Great Job

  5. Nadia says:

    I love the way the branches reach up!

  6. Jessica says:

    Ooo,it’s great. I love the fabric and the way you postioned the pattern.

  7. Wanda says:

    I love the fabric!

  8. clare eats says:

    wow Que is such a lucky girl!

  9. Norma says:

    Oh, that bag is yummylicious! And I love that “Thank Que” (assuming I’m pronouncing it correctly) sounds like “Thank You.” Hee.

  10. gleek says:

    great fabric! oh, and do you make those labels yourself? i’ve been meaning to get some labels made for my things but haven’t figured out how that’s done yet 🙂

  11. Oiyi says:

    I am jealous of Que. She is one lucky girl!

  12. debbie says:

    beautiful! I never would have thought to have the blossoms traverse the bag. fabulous!

  13. Krista says:

    Where on earth do you score all this wonderful fabric. I was just at my closest fabric store (after a 45 minute drive, no less) where I saw nothing even close to that nice. What a waste of dye some of the things I saw were. Or, maybe it’s just that any fabric could look good on one of your totes.

  14. MJ says:

    Beautiful! I love how the branches curve on the bag.
    Missed so many entries, missed you while in Los Angeles! Argh! Are you going to move to Santa Barbara?

  15. Lizette says:

    Beautiful fabric and beautiful bag 🙂

  16. radish says:

    this tote looks really awesome! great pattern on the fabric – and goes well with everything!

  17. You do wonderful work!! What a great tote!

  18. bean says:

    Oh my God, I didn’t realized i was the subject of this beautiful bag. I got it last night in the mail to my surprise.
    thank you sooooooo very much!! Come by Lala land any time, only too happy to point you in the right directions. Oh by the way the tim tams are coming…I ordered a shipement from my sis. I’ll drop them in the mail when I get them.

  19. meg says:

    Aaah, what a gorgeous bag!

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