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When I was up in the Bay Area, I went to Kinokuniya in Japantown to peruse the Japanese craft books. That section was pretty well picked over, but I went down another aisle and a new section was unveiled to me: the food books. Aiyaaaa! Hold me back!
Here’s one book I got. It’s a petite book all about SNACKS, and the author is named Mariko.

sf kino oyatsu book cover.JPG

It has very nice drawings and photos, as you can see:
sf kino oyatsu1.JPG sf kino oyatsu2.JPG
The ISBN is 4-396-41073-5.
The other book is all about fluffy snacks:
sf kino fuwafuwa cover.JPG

Here are a few pages:
sf kino fuwafuwa3.JPG sf kino fuwafuwa1.JPG sf kino fuwafuwa2.JPG
The ISBN is 4-579-20937-0
I leave you with this photo of Megan and me that Thuy took. We were having refreshments at the cute little tea shop next to Kinokuniya. Megan got an iced cocoa, Thuy had the matcha float, and I had a pot of Darjeeling. Megan looks to be eyeing Thuy’s float, doesn’t she? This photo was taken before Megan cut my hair. I now sport a sort of shaggy mullet.
fuji_401 1051.jpg

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8 Responses to what’s cookin’

  1. Terry says:

    Hey me too! I was just at Kinokuniya Thursday. I like the selection of beading books. Wow, those look like wonderful books you got. Hope your run went well. (I enjoy reading about your sewing!) Terry in SF

  2. amineko says:

    how lovely to see your head!

  3. Silvia says:

    I can’t believe you’ve never been to that cafe before then! It’s Mariko heaven. Your book is adorable, did you see those beading books by the knitting ones? So interesting. I love that place. (Show us the shaggy mullet).

  4. claudia says:

    I really must see the shaggy mullet.

  5. emy says:

    The fluffy snacks book such look appetizing!

  6. abby says:

    Those Japanese food books are awesome! Check out amazon.jp for more-sooo tempting!

  7. alexia says:

    I love that cafe! They have the best pastries and desserts, it’s great!

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