fun-filled weekend

Living in a big city means lots of choices for fun! Saturday I went to the grand opening of Pix Patisserie’s new location with Action Hero Melissa and my friend Wendy and her two girls:

I took a photo of my croissant and two pieces of chocolate, but the photo actually looked kind of obscene, so I decided to just delete the thing. But hey, here’s a great shot of Lillie enjoying her bubble gum-flavored cotton candy outside of Pix:
pix lillie cotton candy.JPG
Her sister Paulina is not so thrilled by the cotton candy:
pix paulina cotton candy.JPG

Then Sunday was the Portland Marathon. Action Hero Melissa was participating in it, so I went to cheer her on. My brother has volunteered at the marathon for years, so I tracked him down at mile 12. Right when I was giving him his coffee and pastry, Melissa and her friend Michelle went by! Poor Melissa trained her butt off but got injured, so she couldn’t really run. I saw her again at about mile 18 on the St. John’s Bridge, the prettiest bridge in Portland. Here’s the view from the bridge and a shot as I was driving over it:
pdx marathon view from stjohns bridge.JPG pdx marathon driving over stjohns br.JPG
I then somehow ended up going shopping with my brother. We both bought shoes at REI (and yes, Carolyn, my orthotics fit into them). I also briefly saw my parents. My mother is on medication because she had a wacko reaction to either her flu or pneumonia shot, and my father? Well, he tried to pawn off a rack for miniature souvenir spoons on me. When I declined his offer, he muttered something about “this crazy family.” Ummmm, yeah.

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7 Responses to fun-filled weekend

  1. amy k. says:

    okay-I need to get out more, didn’t even know Pix was moving to bigger digs-and you just moved here!
    thanks for the info and hope your unpacking is going well (my least favorite thing to do ever)

  2. Kay says:

    The kids today! They don’t appreciate a fine miniature souvenir spoon cabinet! The world is going to hell in a bucket! xoxo Kay

  3. amineko says:

    oh, this looks like so much fun! i wish i could see what you had. great that you fit right back into the big city! i hope to see more pictures of pdx. and deedles.

  4. Melanie says:

    I’m going to have to start a list of all the great places you go, with hopes of someday visiting one-tenth of them.

  5. raquel says:

    i’m w/ amy k. been here a year and had no idea pix was moving even though i was there a month ago. sheesh!

  6. Shetha says:

    Sounds like you guys had fun! I heard it was madness trying to get to the course to cheer folks on. My sis-in-law ran it and I cheered her on by running with her for a short while (she passed me up as I had 2 other friends to keep track of). We’re training for a half and ummm sorta bandited ourselves into the unsightliest part of the marathon. Maybe I saw Melissa and didn’t even realize it! Kudos to all the participants — what an amazing group of people!!! I’m thinking maybe next yr if I’m not too pregnant or something I’ll try it 🙂

  7. Silvia says:

    I can tell how happy you are to be home! Sounds great (and yummy).

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