just bead it

Sometimes I get a bee in my bonnet to bead something, even though I know next to nothing about beading. I was inspired by crafty Cara, a member of our crafty group. Okay, so the truth is I just copied one of her designs.
Here I am trying to figure out what to do:

I am a big fan of the TV tray, if you can’t tell.
And here’s the completed necklace!
red beaded necklace.JPG
I quite like it! Now I just need to get into Cara’s jewelry box to find more designs to rip off …

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11 Responses to just bead it

  1. Amy in AZ says:

    Great job you beadin’ queen– love your color scheme too!

  2. Julia says:

    Brilliant! I love those colors.

  3. debbie says:

    pretty – i like dangling beads around the neck….

  4. Silvia says:

    Yummy necklace, it looks like hard candy! I must bow to your beading prowess and your many pliers, I buy beads and then never ever ever use them.

  5. Jan says:

    Very nice! I love how you get inspired to try something and jump right in.

  6. amanda says:

    It looks great. I love that it looks like hard red candies adorning your neck :O)

  7. Kim says:

    Have you visited Shipwreck Beads in Lacey? It is the Costco of beads. It made even a non-crafty person (me) start beading.
    I have friends in the bay area who actually devote many of their 3-day work holidays to a DRIVE to Shipwreck.

  8. mtb says:

    I thought you would like to know I tried your hersey bar frosting and it was
    SPECTACULAR. I used it on top of chocolate cupcakes using a standard recipe,
    except I added (oopsie, a leeetle too much) chili powder, buttermilk, and
    dissolved strong instant coffee.
    The frosting saved our tongues because the chili powder sort of kicked in
    after about the third bite.
    Sill lovin your blog.

  9. Stella says:

    Hi Mariko, you and I have the same approach to beading. I like it once in a while but then I don’t get into it. My last excuse was that the lighting in the winter is just too bad to see those teeny tiny beads & wires. The necklace is very pretty!

  10. Gina says:

    You are so crafty and cute! I love your spirit of crafting adventure.

  11. sasha says:

    ya know, for someone who claims that they don’t know how to bead you sure did a great job.

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