and a happy valentine’s day to you

My valentine knows me pretty well:

jello book from pp.JPG
Peter also got me a gift card for Forever 21, a store I have never visited because I haven’t been 21 in, well, FOREVER, ha ha, and the clothing there has never been on my radar (you won’t see me in any plunging necklines). I saw a cute blouse from there in Lucky Magazine, though, and I mentioned it to Peter. It was very brave and sweet of him to go there. Now I just have to muster enough courage to go and redeem the card.
The pooches are doing a bit better. Thanks to everyone who commented on that! It was really traumatic for me at first, since I know next to nothing about dogs and canine behavior. I have decided to take the existential route and to just let things be. Here they are in one peaceful moment:
double dogs on vd.JPG

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14 Responses to and a happy valentine’s day to you

  1. Kathy says:

    I have that cookbook! It’s full of, well, wiggly food 🙂

  2. cherylc says:

    I saw that blouse too. I’m interested in your experience with the store. The stuff is so cheap, how is it possible? It is made out of trash bags? Also, I could not find the blouse, or the blouse I was looking for anyway. But there is still lots of cute stuff.

  3. carrie m says:

    consider yourself lucky — my boyfriend keeps making fun of me for shopping there since i, too, haven’t been 21 in a while. they have a lot of lacy, turn of the (last) century-looking tops and blazers, so definitely go!

  4. freecia says:

    Where are the peeps, yo?

  5. carolyn says:

    those two are damn cute together. they are going to be fast friends once they realize you intend to a) keep them both and b) feed them both.
    there has definitely been a dearth of jello in my diet lately, maybe that’s what’s causing everything on earth to go wrong.

  6. MJ says:

    Now that’s love! How sweet of him to do that. So you have to buy the blouse and take a picture of yourself in it, ‘kay?

  7. ilikeredbean says:

    they have almost the same kind of little tail!

  8. spaazlicious says:

    Plus, basenjis are primitive dogs; their behavior is not quite typical canine. There’s a bit of cat in all that cute.
    I’ve only been in Forever 21 once but honestly, I quite liked it. A lot of the stuff looks like the same stuff you find at Anthropologie, without the super-ridiculously inflated margins. I like their skirts. And cute panties.

  9. The Skirt says:

    I loved Century 21 when I visited. You need some patience but the prices are great!

  10. Peggy says:

    Ah, poor Madame Deedle. She might try thinking of the new addition not as an interloper but as her new personal attendant. It’s nearly impossible to live with just one basenji. 😉

  11. erica says:

    B***ley is so cute!!! I’ll call him Poochy until you rename him. I renamed both of my rescues : ) I’m sure Deedle will eventually come to love him. I think that the laissez-faire (sp?) route you’re taking is likely the best. Maybe you can treat Poochy a bit extra nice to show Deedle how great he is? This strategy works well with my alpha Shiba. He tends to like any dog I make a big enough fuss about. Ta!

  12. Lois says:

    Hi Mariko!
    I know this is sort of late to post a comment here, but thanks to your call out for a good foundation, I went and got the Bare Escentuals/Bare Minerals kit this weekend and I *love* it! Great coverage but not heavy or thick at all and so good for my oily skin. What did you decide on?

  13. amy k. says:

    thanks so much for your help last night!! and I can’t tell you how much I have from forever 21. it’s a lot. a whole lot. shhh.

  14. Hi –
    I’ve been curious about how your “old” dog and “new” dog will get along as I’ve been considering getting another small dog to live with us and our Italian Greyhound. I would ultimately like another male Italian Greyhound that is NOT a puppy because supposedly they get along together. But I think I would settle for any easy-to-get-long with house-broken small dog. But my biggest issue is how our 2 year old Iggy would accept the new dog into HIS house (as well as HIS people laps). The hope is that they would be buddies and keep each other company, playing and snuggling together. But it could turn into a territorial war. I’ll keep watching for updates of your two guys on your blog.

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