So in case you haven’t figured it out,

my brother is insane, and since he has complete control over my site, supereggplant is going to be a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde sort of affair. I think you wise readers (maybe I should leave that singular … ) will be able to determine which entries are mine and which are his.
Anyway, this is a definite work in progress. I don’t know how to post photos yet (but as you can see, the insane brother has figured it out), but I will try to get some knitting photos and such up.

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3 Responses to So in case you haven’t figured it out,

  1. ojiknits says:

    Supereggplant…you look like you just bit into what you thought was a chocolate frosted cupcake, but in reality was liver pate or worse! Get rid of this photo!

  2. Yeah, I have to agree. You really need to get a better photo. Does your brother hate you that much ??? 🙂

  3. Insane Brother says:

    This was the first picture I found and isn’t it funny? I was actually looking for one of Dede, but I found this one instead.

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