Jury duty is good for one thing

and that is knitting! Thank goodness the courthouse allows me to bring my knitting; otherwise, I would have hurled myself from the rooftops several days ago. I have managed to knit two swatches for Fluffa’s swatch project. The first, seen here, first swatch.jpg
I was not so happy with, so I knit a second one, second swatch.jpgwhich I prefer. Since I have to go back tomorrow, I should get some more knitting done on some Regia socks I started many moons ago. Maybe I should start a hat, too? Jury duty has surely got to be one of the circles of hell. If I get selected for this jury, I am going to stab out my eyes with my double-pointed needles. That will surely get me excused.

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2 Responses to Jury duty is good for one thing

  1. You don’t have anything better to do anyway, do you? 🙂
    I can think of a few ways to get off the jury duty.
    * Pretend you do not speak English.
    * You tell the judge that you believe everyone is guilty until proven innocent.
    * You have a terminal illness and you don’t know how much longer you have to live.
    * You tell them you are an expert when it comes to trials because you watch Law and Order on TV.
    Now, I have not tried any of these methods myself. So results may vary.

  2. mariko says:

    Well, Kamikaze Hillbilly, I think the lawyers would take one look at you and let you go! I was going to try the English thing, but luckily I didn’t have to. I was almost Alternate #1 today, but for some miraculous reason, the defense attorney excused me! Yay! I probably shouldn’t have looked so thrilled in the courtroom, but I couldn’t help myself. I think a celebration is in order!

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