more backtack!

My back-tack package arrived today from Marn

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8 Responses to more backtack!

  1. debbie says:

    oh, lucky you and your back tack goodies! pointy kitty is really cute – looks ready to pounce and play – and that face!

  2. Meg says:

    Mmmm. That chocolate has my name on it.

  3. patti says:

    She’s adorable!!

  4. Gina says:

    What a wonderful package!

  5. Daphne says:

    She’s got such a cute pink nose! I need to make myself one of those baskets, pronto.

  6. Tammy says:

    I just wanted to chime in and say I love your blog. And thanks for clue-ing me into Bzz… I signed on & received my Take 5 bars and am buzzing about them!

  7. Jennifer says:

    I love the Kitty and the matching bag. Guess who I’m going to see run in the Vermont 100 miler in July? HINT – she’s coming up from Cuba to run. Have a great weekend.

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