trader joe’s has done it again

Is it wrong to adore Trader Joe’s so much? They have such good deals and tasty foods, and hey, they just came out with a matcha baking mix, so what’s not to love? Here’s my latest TJ’s addiction:

mini pb cups.JPG
Seriously delicious and very difficult to stop eating. Other must-haves from Trader Joe’s include the Parmesan-Romano blend cheese in the tub, the pie crusts, that sweet-and-sour chicken in the frozen section (I like to add broccoli to it), cheese crunchies, Glucosamine blend, Jumbo Raisin Medley, Tofutti Cuties, and a million other items I can’t think of right now. So what are your TJ faves?

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  1. Kathy says:

    Oooh – I almost bought those last Sunday! I love the Parm-Romano blend, the frozen Spicy Orange Chicken (mmmmm…), frozen chicken dumplings, Tamari almonds, their French truffles (seriously, if you haven’t tried these, you should!), and their frozen Naan (better than some restaurant naan). There are a whole bunch of other things, but those top my list. I love Trader Joe’s!

  2. debbie says:

    we don’t have a trader joe’s in hawaii so when we go to the mainland we hit trader joe’s! my favorite has got to be their pounder plus dark chocolate bar! it’s my favorite dark chocolate and it lasts a long time…. i also love their nuts, trail mixes, granola bars with chocolate pieces; i love everything people bring back for me to eat, like their chips and cookies too….

  3. Emily says:

    Granola, frozen minced garlic, mini chicken tacos, blue cornbread mix, alphabet cookies, lavender dish soap and peach hand lotion.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Oh my! Maybe I can trade some pink cookies for matcha baking powder and some of these little treats!?!?

  5. rania says:

    i love the carrot-ginger stuff in the frozen section. thats my latest addiction! oh, and their breaded eggplant is really yummy too! a new one just opened in DC and the check-out line is set up so you have to walk by all their chocolates and sweets…evil!

  6. Gina says:

    The closest Trader Joe’s to me is a 10 hour drive to Santa Fe, but I had a roommate whose mom would send her this salsa verde that was so, so good. I would seriously love some of that, like right this minute.

  7. Jackie says:

    Oh boy – I just found those tiny peanut butter cups too and WOW – I’m in big trouble!! They are so good! I love Trader Joe’s!

  8. Alison says:

    OHHHH How I love TJs!!! We just moved to GA last year and there has yet to be a TJs here – so each time we visit Arizona (where we moved from) I ship a box of TJs stuff home!
    I love all of their raw nuts, dried fruit, gnocchi (potato pasta), shampoo/conditioner/body lotion, but especially love their frozen eggplant cutlets… which we cook, then cover with sauce and cheese and cook some more until the cheese is melted– YUMMY!!!
    I did just find out that TJs is coming to our area – so I only need to wait a few more months and then JACKPOT!!! I can be in heaven once again!

  9. Jessica says:

    What don’t I love at TJs? There’s one about 5 minutes from my house. I go there 3-4 times a week. I live on the bean and cheese taquitos. The boys live on the Hebrew National hot dogs (over $1.50 less than at QFC)! Wes is a fan of the perogies. We love Jo Jos (the boys like chocolate with vanilla filling, I love the vanilla ones and did I imagine some ginger ones too?). So much to love and so cheap!

  10. Dana says:

    Oh my – too many to list. I do at least half of my grocery shopping at TJ’s. Some of the must-haves are: dried fruit and nuts, especially the unsweetened mango, organic mango granola, Double Rainbow soy cream (cherry flavor), frozen artichoke tortellini (no cheese!), Dutch goat gouda, cinnamon graham crackers, chocolate chips, chicken gyoza, peach sauce. I love their cooking sauces, from the Thai red curry to the olive bruschetta. I could go on for hours…

  11. lisa says:

    Triple ginger snaps!

  12. lisa says:

    Triple ginger snaps!

  13. elizabooth says:

    Sadly, I’ve never seen a Trader Joe’s (or, even more sadly, a Target) here in Canada. So no mini milk chocolate peanut butter cups. In fact, we’re lacking in good pb cups altogether — our Reese’s are substantially sweeter and less salty than the ones down there. Every time I cross the border I stop at a gas station on the way home just to stock up.

  14. Lynn says:

    TJs makes life more bearable. It gives one all the little things that one couldn’t afford on one’s miserly food budget otherwise. We are big fans of the Pound Plus bars, personally, though those triple gingers, man they tasty. I shouldn’t eat them because I really don’t tolerate wheat well, but hey. A girl’s gotta live a little.

  15. Kim says:

    Yum – I love Trader Joe’s too and do most of my grocery shopping there. In fact, if I were to move, proximity to a Trader Joe’s would be a huge consideration. A few of my faves…Tarte Alsace – really good, really fast and cheap. Candy (chocolate) covered sunflower seeds – I’m not a huge fan of sunflower seeds, but these little treats are totally addictive. Fage 0% fat greek yogurt – who needs sour cream with this stuff. This is great straight out of the container with a bit of a Cr

  16. Elspeth says:

    I used to (when I shopped there and let myself) love the larger peanut butter cups, those are so cute I’m sure I’d love them more! My favorites there are the peanut butter filled pretzels. Yum!

  17. claudia Cier-Zniewski says:

    Oh, how hard I/we mis TJ. We relocated back to the Netherlands, but only with lots of dried fruit, (bing cherry’s and bendheim apricots… the friday night treat) I miss the dumplings, the eggplant, the mini bagels, and the sushi (the saturday lunch) and so much more….. did nearly all my shopping there……
    we have been back these summer and were happy to find a JT in the Washington Dc area. Not as nice as my TJ in Califonia(Los Altos) was, but I was good to ‘to be back’
    Oh yes, and I miss the cool check out guy,,,,,,, so cool

  18. Sarah says:

    The golden berry blend–dried cherries, cranberries, blueberries and golden raisins. And their tomatillo salsa. Having moved from Berkeley, where sourdough is the only white bread available, to Westchester County, NY, where they can offer some bland rye instead of the wonder bread, I now just can’t get enough of TJ’s Tuscan Pane bread–just about the only sourdough in the neighborhood.

  19. Natalie says:

    I picked some of those up last weekend, and I can’t wait to get back to TJ to get some more! Unfortunately the only TJ in my city is on the opposite side of town, and we very very rarely ever go over that way.

  20. J Strizzy says:

    I wish you hadn’t posted about the PB cups! I love PB cups of any kind, and hormonal cravings (which fixate on chocolate for me) are at their peak right now. I usually try to stay out of the TJ’s aisle with all the good candy because I always find at least three I HAVE to buy. But my favorite standby are the mint chocolate cookie clusters (I think that’s what they’re called — blobs of mint chocolate and crumbled oreos).
    I will try to focus on the fab dried fruit section now instead…

  21. Jen says:

    I dream of living closer to a TJ. I am usually limited to what I can carry walking and on multiple forms of transportation. It makes it sooo hard to choose. My absolute favorite is the pound plus dark bar with almonds. Hmm maybe I will have to hit TJ in Portland next week.

  22. Marianne says:

    No Trader Joe’s where I live in Northern Michigan…what’s their range? Where’s the closest Trader Joe’s? I’m going to IL next month, any there? 🙂

  23. Jal J says:

    My husband LOVES the cruncy cinnamon almonds, which are never properly stocked at our local TJ’s. I’ll have to check out the mini PB cups, another hubby favorite (he’s the sweet tooth in the family)

  24. Janel says:

    Ahhh, Trader Joes…how do I love thee? Love their crushed wheat sourdough, (booyah!), mini chocolate-chip cookies, salsas and their awesome selection of beer and cheese and the list goes on and on. I always get two bars of the milk chocolate truffle bars for me. Sometimes I share but mostly they are only for me.

  25. amyb says:

    TJ’s whole wheat pretzel pillows – crunchy, salty, addictive. when I pull them out at work, colleagues are drawn to my desk, like flies to . . . you get the point. What a coincidence – someone at work just showed me the mini peanutbutter cups but since I have a sore throat (and sinus infection :-() one little one didn’t taste great. I was just telling my kids last night how we’ll have to make BROWNIES with them; or chocolate cookies or vanilla cookies or just eat them straight out of the container.
    I go to TJs often and would be happy to pick up a couple items and mail them to those of you far from this Snack Mecca.

  26. z's momma says:

    dark chocolate roasted pistachio toffee

  27. diane says:

    we luv trader joes
    we used to live in northern california
    and would frequent the one in town often
    coffee nips
    no pudge
    double rainbow and mattus icecream
    the baklava at the counter
    the people

  28. maeve says:

    one word – beer.
    well, specifically pumpkin ale (fall/winter), blueberry ale (summer).
    The lovely folks at our local trader joe’s think I’m crazy – as soon as september hit, I started asking them about the pumpkin beer.

  29. lisa says:

    Oh, what I wouldn’t give for a bag of their spicy soy and flaxseed tortilla chips.

  30. valerie says:

    i saw the matcha baking mix – have you tried it yet? i’d love to hear what you think of it.
    as for favorite tj items, where do i begin? i love that they always have something new and yummy to try!

  31. Julie says:

    They have these little butterscotch cookies (kind of like little biscotti) that I get — *so* good! And I love their chocolate covered raisins. I don’t know why, but theirs are delicious!

  32. gabrielle says:

    Oh, How i love the TJ!!!
    Here’s a combo I came up with that rocks: Get a butterflied lamb shoulder (in the prepack meat section), marinate it in their yellow curry sauce (it’s bottled – our TJ has it near the spices and Indian foods) and throw it on the grill. Yummy!

  33. katie says:

    Monteblue and Populet. One word–amazing.

  34. Petie says:

    Stuff you’ll always find at my house…….
    Cheap RBST-free milk
    Pomegranite jam
    Black pepper cashews
    Blood orange italian soda
    Mini beef tacos
    2-Buck Chuck by the case!

  35. Krista says:

    mmmm… tofutti cuties… so good

  36. tracy says:

    I think TJ’s no longer has the dark chocolate covered red licorice bits right? darn. We do love the curry sauces (red, yellow, and green). So easy to make, just add meat and veggies. Also love the spinach & artichoke dip, lemongrass chicken stix, bruschetta… I will have to check out these mini pb cups. 🙂

  37. Lydia says:

    My current TJ addiction is Black Licorice Scottie Dogs. Yum, just the right amount of licorice flavor, and not too sweet and not too salty. In the past it was chocolate covered blueberries and milk chocolate covered raisins, but I decided the chocolate was a tad too sweet for my tastes.

  38. ally says:

    I just saw an ad for those peanut butter cups. They look great!
    My fav TJ stuff:
    aussie licorice
    free range chicken
    pizza dough
    shade grown organic coffee
    peanut butter pretzels
    greek yogurt
    no pudge brownie mix

  39. luna says:

    Ginger granola.

  40. freecia says:

    Wow, read the TJ love! I love their Organic Ketchup. Of all the things that I could buy somewhere else (for more money usually) and the stuff only TJ has, I gotta say I would ship Ketchup home to me if I was TJ-less. Aw man. That ketchup is a fantastic condiment. The Tiramisu Gelato is a great substitute for actual Tiramisu/Gelato, perfect on a warmer summer night. And the Spiced Pumpkin Loaf is calling my name for the fall season.

  41. sara says:

    Your post inspired me to go to TJs since I haven’t been there in a while. I picked up a box of the peanut butter cups. My favs are TJs:
    green tea cake mix
    mango salsa
    multigrain pita chips
    garlic naan
    sweet corn
    coconut shrimp
    teriyaki chicken bowl

  42. Specs says:

    I usually don’t comment (I know nothing about sewing, but I drool over the fabris like everyone else) but I had to chime in with my TJ favorite: pad thai. There are no Trader Joe’s in the STATE (not city, but state) I just moved to, and I’m jonesing for some cheap but healthy food big time.

  43. sharon says:

    My fave thing from TJ’s are the chocolate covered, peanut butter-filled pretzels. Oh. My. Gawd.

  44. Gina says:

    MMM, Joe’s! I sincerely hope that they deliciously dominate the entire world one day. My favorites:
    Pumpkin bread mix
    Spinach and goat cheese quesadillas (missing lately, the spinach recall..?)
    Peanut butter and chocolate pretzels
    Any of the wines under $4
    Most inexpensive and tasty brie anywhere
    Apricot stilton (seriously, try it)
    Black bean and cheese wraps
    Awesome cereal selection… and cheap!
    The boxed Indian food (jaipur is the bomb)
    Crumpets, baby, crumpets
    Belgian prailine and chocolate bars
    Paulaner beer
    Gosh, that was fun!

  45. VaxGirl says:

    Masala simmer sauce, just saute onions, peppers, chicken, simmer and serve over rice. Yummy!
    Most of thier teas, Chocolate Tea- sounds weird, but delish with milk and sugar. White Mango tea, great for Iced Tea.
    No Pudge Brownie mix-mmmm!
    Thier fabulous cheese selection.
    Did you know you can try anything at Trader Joe’s and bring it back if you don’t like it?

  46. wendee says:

    TJ’s favorites include:
    – Cornbread mix
    – Greek yogurt
    – Sinful (or Naughty – I can’t remember which) trail mix (the one with the picture of the little angels on it)
    – Naan and Organic Hummus
    – all the little exotic staples that cost a bundle elsewhere – dried mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, capers, dried fruit, nuts, etc.
    – Boddingtons – not a TJ’s exclusive, but not always easy to find elsewhere

  47. Amy says:

    I’m an occasional reader and so I really only lurk, but have to get in on the TJ’s post! I’m actually heading there this afternoon…
    As someone else already said – cheap no-RBST Milk! This is huge for us!
    – chicken gyoza
    – dry cereals galore!
    – no-RBST sliced & shredded cheese
    – Frozen maple & brown sugar steel cut oatmeal!
    – TeJava iced tea – cheap!
    – dried fruit – especially golden berry blend!
    – cuban mojito simmer sauce – it’s a great chicken marinade!
    – Roasted Corn Tortilla Chowder (in a jar) – great as a soup or sometimes we use it as enchilada sauce
    The list goes on really… I just love that I can get organic and/or more natural choices cheaper and easier – we are doing more and more of our regular grocery shopping at TJ’s! 🙂

  48. Jennifer says:

    I only know of Trader Joe’s through a former roommate who made frequent trips to DC. She got me hooked, and now I am dying to get a TJ’s here in Birmingham, but I doubt that will happen anytime soon.
    She used to bring home dark chocolate covered roasted soybeans (man, could I eat THOSE by the handful) and organic truffles that are making me drool just to think about them.

  49. Lydia says:

    Update: Okay, so you can add Mini Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups to my list of TJ’s addictions. I was there yesterday and they had them conveniently stacked by the register, and…well, the rest is history, as is my waistline.

  50. gwen says:

    I am one of the people lucky enough to live near a Trader Joe’s. In fact, from the gate of my apartment complex to the door at TJ is about 500 steps. (Yep. I counted them one Sunday afternoon.)
    I have so many favourites at TJ.
    One of my favourite things are the Chili Spiced Mango strips. Sweet and spicy!!
    And their Indian foods.
    And their cheesecake.

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