bring it on

Recently I was telling Amy about what a difficult time I had trying to insert an invisible zipper. I told her I had purchased a plastic foot for my machine. She turned ghostly white and said in a very grave manner, “Metal. You need a METAL foot.” So, being a good soldier, I marched off to the local sew & vac and bought a metal foot for my machine.

zipper foot.JPG
I tried it today, and it was amazing. I think this whole invisible zipper thing might be life altering. We shall see.

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7 Responses to bring it on

  1. becky says:

    my old roommate could put in invisible zippers with a regular zipper foot. (I use my plastic one – because that’s what i’ve got for my short-shank machine.)

  2. hannah says:

    what is an invisible zipper?? i dont even know what this is. but i can absolutely picture amy turning white at something like that.

  3. sara says:

    Ack! A Janome zipper foot!! I have a Janome sewing machine and I can’t find a single store that sells Janome zipper foots. So my zippers, invisible or not, don’t look so good.

  4. Sasha says:

    I suck at zippers, how do you get good at zippers? Or should I just stick to wrap skirt and buttons? (I rock buttonholes!)

  5. Gina says:

    After you get to be an expert at this, can you post an instructional pictorial on how to install those?? I only know how to do one kind of zipper, one way. And here’s a hint: it ain’t invisible. I’ve tried to read the instructions in all my patterns, and in the zipper package, and it just ain’t coming together for me! 🙂

  6. Daphne says:

    heehee. Funny image of Amy turning white and making that comment. Also: How did you remember that you have a Horizontal Rotary Hook model? I can never remember what type of machine I have.

  7. amy k. says:

    dude! I knew you would see the light, it’s hard to explain why it’s so necessary until you do one, but it’s like a frikkin’ no brainer zipper tool. you can’t mess it up with a metal foot!

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