wee vest

So in my sewing frenzy over the weekend, I also made a little vest for little Paulina and a matching skirt for her sister Lillie. Little P is a rather exuberant child, and it was difficult to get her to stand still for the photo shoot:

p vest.JPGp vest 2.JPG
The vest is lined with the dancing bear flannel from superbuzzy. I put snaps on it because I thought that would be fun as well as funny, and I also stuck on a little pocket for her treasures. I have a skirt made of the brown corduroy strawberry fabric, too, so I suppose Little P, Lillie, and I should go out for ice cream or something in our matching duds.
Next up? I went to Fabric Depot bright and early on Saturday and bought fabric for yet ANOTHER skirt plus pants (a Built by Wendy pattern). I also plan to make an apron for Larissa‘s fundraiser. Do you know about that? She is involved with Cafe au Play, a family-friendly, community coffeehouse. They’re having a fundraiser in November, and they are going to auction off handmade aprons. If you would like to donate an apron, please contact Larissa!

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5 Responses to wee vest

  1. Bonney says:

    Have you seen the latest issue of Mary Jane’s Farm? It’s all about aprons!

  2. Daphne says:

    Paulina is very, very cute in her vest!
    I am becomming obsessed with the idea of sewing myself a wool bicycling skirt. Just thought I should tell someone!

  3. hannah says:

    ok, i give up. yes please i would like some of that corduroy. is your offer still good? let me know lady.

  4. Sasha says:

    So cute, but where did you get that lovely corduroy!?!?

  5. Peggy says:

    Paulina! I am grateful to Paulina because it was the pink poncho you made from her that led me to supereggplant. I was doing some internet search for knitting patterns for dogs (?) and up popped a picture of you and Deedle, Deedle patiently (grimly?) modeling the poncho.

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