another shop update!

Woohoo! Kelly and her very patient husband Jerry worked all weekend upgrading superbuzzy! She also added a bunch of new inventory plus some restocked items, so please go check it out. I hope you all like everything so much that you decided to drop wads of cash, because, well, we just bought a new car today, and we need to pay it off! I’ll try to have photos of various stuff tomorrow. It has been quite a long day.

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6 Responses to another shop update!

  1. freecia says:

    Yay! A new SuperEggplant Craftmobile!

  2. I guess this means you don’t need me to find the Consumer Reports issue with the info on the Nissan Versa any more.

  3. S says:

    I’m so jealous. I love that car! – Unfortuantely…my wallet does not. 😉

  4. Marianne says:

    I hope you got a black one, and then vinyl it with yellow stripes and a Also, a stinger coming off the trunk would be a nice touch. 🙂 Superbuzzymobile and sweet advertising!

  5. megan says:

    We bought a Fit not too long ago too. So far, so good! Fit is go!

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