supereggplant does the town

Well, today was a mighty fun day. Let me back up and begin with last evening, when I attended a show. Now, when I was in my 20s, I used to go to clubs all the time to hear bands. Now I am old and don’t get out much (plus there is nobody worth hearing where I live), but a friend and I went to hear Damien Rice, an Irish singer/songwriter, perform. I figured it would be mellow, acoustic, and uncrowded. Well, it was SOLD OUT, and there were little blonde girls behind us SCREAMING. I am old. I think I am better off buying CDs and listening to them in the comfort of my isolated pod.
Today I played with my friend Wendy. Not only did we have pho for lunch, which was a real treat, but we also went to some fun shops and had cookies at the Pearl Bakery. One thing I HAD to buy was this Paul Frank Halloween T-shirt. As you all know, I love Halloween. What you don’t know is that about two years ago I sent an e-mail to Paul Frank (I know, I am such a dork) asking him if he would ever issue Halloween T-shirts. He (or one of his flunkies posing as him) replied and said there was not much hope for Halloween shirts because the Halloween “season” is so short. Well, not anymore, baby!
paul frank halloween.jpg
And what else did we do? We went to TWO yarn stores, the Yarn Garden and Lint, a brand new store I learned about from Melissa. At the Yarn Garden I picked up a few goodies:
yarn garden stash.jpg
The sock yarn is a gift for the Hedster (shhhh, don’t tell), and the other two are for hats for my friend Megan, who is 36 and was just diagnosed with aggressively growing breast cancer. I’m planning to make the devil hat with the red.
Now I am tired and am going to watch CSI, thank you very much.

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  1. Stella says:

    Hi Mariko, I love reading your blog. It makes me laugh. I even went to your insane brother’s website, and I think he is kind of cute!!! Don’t tell him. I liked all his med school rejections. Made me feel better about mine. Please don’t get rid of the header with the doggie & the crazy handwriting. It’s so funny. Hey, if you ever come to SF, there is LOTS of Paul Frank stuff here. Have a nice night & keep knitting!

  2. Em says:

    Halloween is the greatest, and I love the Paul Frank shirt! I also feel the same way about going to shows. They make me feel so incredibly old and decrepit and all I think about is what kind of damage I’m doing to my ears. I am *this close* to codger status. And ooh! What happened on CSI? I missed it because I was watching the Twins lose.

  3. carriem says:

    love reading your blog, too. that shirt is positively splendid — makes me nostalgic for elementary school. i went to a show last weekend and also couldn’t deal with the sticky floor, canned beers and making-out teens.

  4. Rose says:

    Hi Mariko! I have been reading your blog for about a month now… You are too funny! I live in Seattle and I too, have a father that asks me the same questions over, and over, and over…. I feel for you about the age thing too…

  5. Silvia says:

    You’re not old you knucklehead, you’re mature. Mature like not drinking until you puke in the gutter, mature like you don’t care if anyone else likes what you’re wearing. You’re so not old…I like Halloween (candy) too, but I don’t like the tacky plastic Walmart decorations put up by the neighbors with the ugliest baby I’ve ever seen. I kid you not, it looks like the pumpkin killing fields over there…!

  6. Kerstin says:

    I’m so old I stopped watching CSI. So there.

  7. Shirley says:

    I found a sock yarn that makes stripes and some patterning between. It’s called Trekking XXL. Ever hear of it? I’m thinking of trying it but have other project deadlines. I know, I know there are a lot of yarn companies doing this but this one had a large selection of colors and patterns. Have to go now.

  8. carolyn says:

    let alone that my nickname is monkeyface i am a huge paul frank fan. there is a paul frank store on armitage that sells an awesome blue bike with julius on it. i want, i want. and yeah really halloween is the only holiday worth celebrating other than my birthday and maybe christmas but that’s more for the songs than anything else.

  9. cat says:

    hey mariko…
    i’m nosey. and check in from time to time.
    cracking up along with the rest of them.
    hee hee. teeny tiny saran wrap.
    damien rice. HE is worth seeing live. though i too can do without the screaming teenies. i just saw him at the great american… and it was phenomenal. best show i’ve been to in ages. didn’t notice any obnoxiousness. was quite a good crowd. most of us were just hypnotized. mesmerized. entranced into a drug like state.
    and ‘o’ is one of my all time favorite cds.
    check out my friend david…
    have you yet? he is glorious. and also worthy of live show attendance. have yet to encounter any boppish ness at his shows either. when you do have a listen…let me know what you think.
    happy knitting. i have knit lust. i don’t know how to knit, so i just read about your creations and envy you from afar. 🙂
    ahhhhh! ahnold. i’m moving too. but maybe out of country. when i think too much about the politics of this place i get physically ill. all queasy & nauseous.
    when are you coming up next to visit?
    hope to see you when you come.
    i love the cap idea for megan. you’re a doll.
    megan is the woman that stupid cancer cells should fear. not even go there. she’s gonna kick it in the arse.
    take good care.

  10. kate says:

    hi mariko i am one of paul franks most dedicated fans i am 12 and i have paul frank pj’s julius bike, wallet,coin purse, 3 shirts, beanie, scarlf, poster, bikinies, stickers you name i have it, paul frank should make a Halloween collaboration!!! great thinknin,

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