Back in the Joke State

I made it home to California today. It’s hot and sunny, and I’m very happy to see Peter and Deedle, but you know, I kind of want to move to Portland. It’s not that Portland is without problems, and we’d definitely have to line the walls with those SAD lamps, but it’s just nice to be in a bigger city with more of those, you know, left-leaning types! Maybe at some point down the line …
SO, I’ve started on the sleeve caps of the Becky Wannabe sweater! I would be farther along than I am if I had not somehow fixated on 158 rows before sleeve cappage. I got to 156 and checked the pattern, and it’s supposed to be 150 rows. DOH! I didn’t knit or read at all on plane (I don’t think that United Hemispheres magazines counts as reading), but I did nap and drink a lot of caffeine (how thrilled was I to deplane in San Francisco only to see a Peet’s Coffee stand right in front of my face! Not as thrilling was paying $1.79 for a cup of tea).
One last Portland tidbit–the other night we got takeout from Burgerville. It’s basically a fast-food hamburger chain, but it’s local. When I was growing up, I was under the impression that Burgerville was kind of grody, but now they promote themselves as having local and seasonal stuff like huckleberry milkshakes, onion rings made with Walla Walla sweets, and cheeseburgers with Tillamook cheese. It was pretty tasty, if you eat that sort of thing (and I do).
Oh, one more thing. My brother & I didn’t have time to change the banner, but I’ll be back in the City of Roses in a few weeks, so we’ll do it then! I am also going to have a photo gallery maybe this week. It is not, however, as impressive as I had hoped.

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3 Responses to Back in the Joke State

  1. Taya says:

    Don’t tease me about Portland!

  2. Colleen says:

    Hi, just wondering what your LYSs are since I also live in L.A. area.(Although that’s an embarrassing thing to be admitting to with election day looming ahead).

  3. melissa says:

    hey mariko! the gallery looks great! talk to ya soon. i’m glad to be heading home in a bit.

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