the champion of fungi

Behold the matsutake, also known as the pine mushroom. It is a delicacy in Japan and probably elsewhere. When I was a kid, we used to go matsutake hunting up on Mt. Hood. They have been overpicked over the years and are now extremely scarce. I used to love cutting them up and sauteeing them in buttah. Yum. My mother gave me this one, and I added it to pasta along with garlic, olive oil, a bit of buttah, and I don’t know what else, ham?

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  1. Lydia says:

    Yum, those are delicious. Our neighbor has given us one or two on occasion.

  2. Julia says:

    mmm…I love mushrooms! My neighbor used to bring me and my roommate all kinds of wild mushrooms he’d pick. Oysters, chanterelles, and some other kinds. He had taken a course on fungi and so knew where to go to find them. they were *so* good. The best was when he made a homemade tart with a wheat crust chock full of all different kinds of wild mushrooms. *Slurp* =)

  3. michelle says:

    Matsutake grow around here, but I’ve never identified any. Wish I could. Yum!

  4. J Strizzy says:

    Yum. I love mushrooms. I’m not sure I’ve had matsutakes, but they use them all the time on Iron Chef!

  5. Marianne says:

    YUM, how can your description of dinner make me hungry at 10am? That sounds so simple and good. Here in northern Michigan we have Morelle wild mushrooms in early spring–they, too, are delicious, but hard to find. Picking grounds are secrets passed down among family members. 🙂

  6. gleek says:

    mmmmm, matsutakes!! i’ve only ever had them once and they were soooooo good.

  7. Knittykim says:

    mushroom, kalamata olives, garlic and black pepper with angel hair pasta?? on foccacia with alittle salt and pepper??

  8. Daphne says:

    Oh boy. I need to try this!
    I imagine someday my doctor is going to tell me, “all your problems are due to your mushroom addiction. quit eating ‘shrooms and all will be well.” and I will die…

  9. Terry says:

    Oooh, I’m hungry! Let’s see, maybe add fresh basil? a big ps – got the Crafter’s Companion today – your profile/write up is great! Congrats!

  10. Cat says:

    New to your blog but had to comment – my mother slices and fries the matsutakes in butter, adds frozen peas, a little salt and pepper and mixes it in with (Japanese) rice – sooooo good. Instant addiction.

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