I left my heart

Hey, so I got to go to San Francisco for the day like some jetset loony! This is one of the benefits of having a friend who is a flight attendant. We basically just ran around downtown and did a lot of shopping, particularly at the new Westfield SF, which is the most amazing mall I’ve ever been to. I never thought I’d say that, since I generally detest malls, but man, this one is impressive!
I vowed to take tons of photos, but of course I failed. Here we are waiting for the bus to take us from the employee parking lot to the airport. Yes, it’s pitch black, because it is around 5:30am.

sf1 bus to terminal.JPG

And here’s fearful flyer Wendy downing some medication to settle her nerves:
sf2 wendy with drugs.JPG

We took BART into the city, which was quick and convenient. It’s only $5.50 per person, which is much cheaper than taking a taxi or limo.
sf3 BART to SF.JPG
See that backpack next to Theresa on the left? She packed it full of snacks, including trail mix, apple slices and peanut butter, and carrot sticks and hummus. I guess she was unaware they have food in San Francisco.
My friend Megan (cancer-fighting Megan for any long-time readers out there) was able to meet us and hang out with us, which was great. Our group split up for lunch, and Megan, Theresa, and I went to the Irish Bank for some good pub food!
sf7 lunch curry fries.JPGsf9 lunch bangers.JPG
Doesn’t Megan look great? Her hair is a really pretty color right now. Speaking of hair, Megan was able to give me an impromptu haircut after lunch (she is a hairdresser at Di Pietro Todd)! It looked like a mushroom cloud because she blowdried it, but it has since calmed down.
We got bumped from our flight back to Portland, so we had several hours to kill at SFO. We enjoyed every minute of it, though, at the Brookstone in the international terminal. We sort of took over the massage chairs and the Tempur-Pedic bed in the back of the store (one of our group even took a nap on the bed).
sf12 brookstone.JPG
At one point there was the four of us, a couple from New Zealand, and a huge family from Mexico all back there hanging out like it was some crazy party. The employees there were really gracious and fun, and it helped pass the time. I didn’t get to bed until 1am (after getting up at 4:30am), but it was totally worth it!

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  1. spirals says:

    I AM JEALOUS. i miss SF so bad… you ladies look like you had a glorious time!

  2. alison says:

    What a fun day!

  3. Jen says:

    Heh, once I sat on a massage chair in Brookstone for over an hour until the employees (un)kindly told me to get up.

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