attention, shoppers

When we were in San Francisco last week, we stopped by a very cute shop on Polk Street called La Place du Soleil. They carry super cute Frenchy stuff plus Decole goods and lots of candies. The proprietress is mad about mushrooms, so there were lots of mushroom-themed goodies. She also carries candies called Snowpuffs, and ohmygoodness they are the most delicious things evuh.

treats from soleil.JPG
Yes, another bottle brush tree, some Snowpuffs, and mushroom marshmallows.
Thanks for all the music recommendations. I’ll be rocking out soon.

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4 Responses to attention, shoppers

  1. Bonney says:

    So what do Snowpuffs taste like?

  2. megan says:

    I had a snowpuff panic…I left them out and realized that anyone who comes in my house could make off with them. The horror! Such chocolatey, mallowy goodnes 🙂
    Get some Jim Lauderdale…I saw him last night and he has a wonderful voice and plays some countrylicious licks! It is good dance around the house music.

  3. pinknest says:

    oooh, those marshmallows look so adorable and scrumptious!

  4. pam says:

    OHmygosh isn’t that place the coolest!

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