Hey y’all! superbuzzy is featured on Trust Your Style today! Trust Your Style is a great lifestyle blog by Mary Jo Matsumoto, a fashion designer. She recently featured our talented buddy Chico Hayasaki. So even if you don’t want to read goofy stuff about Kelly and me, please check out Mary Jo’s site for all kinds of interesting goodies.

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3 Responses to hahaha!

  1. Zrinka says:

    congrats on the article. It was a very interesting read. You mentioned you took a class on importing and exporting… I have been thinking about doing something like that for a while now (importing some kids stuff from Europe), and I have been looking for resources online, books… but have never tought of taking a class. Where did you take the class? Did you have any other resources you found helpful?

  2. suzy says:

    I just read the article – it was great! I love Sayonara Mrs. Kackleman too, I bought it for my niece and nephew last year.

  3. Petula says:

    Great interview!
    I loved the description you gave about your personal style – that was hilarious.

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