and the rules are …

So did I mention that I’m one of the new writers over at Candy Addict? Can you believe it? I now have a LEGITIMATE reason for buying and eating as much candy as possible. Anyway, I need your help with some candy research!

The other day Peter broke open a box of See’s Candies. I picked up what I thought was a chocolate-covered peanut cluster. After one bite, though, I realized it contained walnuts, so I sort of, um, dropped it back into the box. Peter saw me, and I got in Big Trouble. He said that was completely against the RULES, which got me thinking … you know how households usually have some informal rules regarding the eating of chocolates? Some houses just take bites and throw the undesirables back into the box, other houses use knives to investigate the innards, some houses use knives only on the bottoms of the chocolates so they will still appear pristine from the tops. You know. So, what are the rules in your house? Please share!

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  1. Siew says:

    So funny that you should bring this up. We’re just going through this at work right now, being the time that suppliers come bearing sweets. Apparently, I’m the only one with freaky rules though. Like – you’re not allowed to go to the second level of the chocolate box until the first level is COMPLETELY finished. And you have to take your little wrapper cups out with your chocolate.

  2. Throw it the hell back in. It’s not like you’re giving him any NEW germs or anything. If he doesn’t like it, sneeze in his grade book or something.

  3. Siew says:

    So funny that you should bring this up as we’re just going through this at work right now – being the season where suppliers come bearing boxes of chocolates. Apparently I’m the only one with freaky rules. Like – you cannot eat off the second level until the first level is COMPLETELY finished. And you must take the little brown paper cups with your chocolate, not leave them in the box. Its hard to keep a whole department in line!

  4. Elspeth says:

    I love See’s! My mom got me into it after having grown up in California. I think I know which ones are which, but it depends on whose chocolate it is. If I have bought it and DH doesn’t know about it, I may just bite into it (he’s not picky) but if we’re supposed to be sharing I’ll use a knife. If it’s chocolate I don’t mind having one that’s bitten into, if I know the biter.

  5. Elspeth says:

    Oh, and I’ve gotten See’s as an office Christmas gift. I go there enough that I’d rather just have the $12. Did you know that See’s will take back the unwanted chocolate? Some places get pounds and pounds as gifts and I’ve seen people in the store returning it.
    I used to work for a govt. agency and it was really weird when someone brought in a box of chocolates for the employees. I was half worried it was a bomb or something …

  6. Stacy says:

    Sees! I haven’t had Sees’ candies in 15+ years! My favorites were the molasses chips.
    My husband doesn’t like chocolate, so we have no rules. I try to figure out what’s on the inside by lifting the candy up out of the wrapper and see what’s leaked out (caramel, pink goo, marshmallow). If I don’t wind up liking the flavor, I usually put the candy back in the box – if my daughter turns her nose up at the flavor too, then we throw it away.

  7. Judith says:

    I eat the chocolate around the center (if it is jelly) and then throw it out.
    At work, well if you take it it’s now your candy and do NOT put it back in the box.

  8. Jan says:

    This post makes me laugh because when I first started dating my husband, we were at his house one time and I was offered a chocolate from the box. When I chose one, I noticed the bottom of the candy was, ahem, *dented in*. Everyone cracked up when I mentioned it, as apparently it was a family, er…routine? habit? tradition? to poke the bottoms to see what the centers were before making a final choice.
    BTW, we have NOT continued this in our own family. You take it, you own it.

  9. myra says:

    I love See’s candies. I just had some a couple of minutes ago. I’m not a dark chocolate fan so I always eat the milk ones first and insist the husband eat all the dark ones, but he doesn’t usually listen. His rule is “touch-take” and no poking holes in the bottom. I end up throwing out a lot of chocolate because of his rules.

  10. myra says:

    Oh and if I do poke holes I always use chopsticks. They make for a much better snooping tool then knives.

  11. maryse says:

    i eat the milk chocolate ones and the husband eats the dark. and if we don’t like them, we pitch ’em. i know .. not fun.

  12. Martha says:

    Too funny! These are the rules as I know them.
    You take it you own it. Cutting candy with a knife is only permitted if you are sharing. You may only spit out candy that contains rancid nuts, but it must be done discreetly (i.e. into a paper napkin). No putting back wrappers or brown cups. You may not take all of one sort of candy, even if it is a favorite, unless it is agreed upon by the other recipients.
    These rules pretty much cover you at home as well as work.

  13. Bonney says:

    You choose it; you chew it!!

  14. Beth says:

    You choose it, take a bite, if you do not like it you must let everyone know what was in it, why you did not like it. Then if one of us wants it after that someone will eat it.. if it sounds gross or just not something we like it goes n the trash.

  15. P-la says:

    I don’t share my chocolates. So if I bite into it and don’t like it, in the garbage it goes! If my husband wants any, tough. Unless I know ahead of time it’s coconut or toffee. Then he can have that one.

  16. Kathy says:

    Anyone overly concerned about getting a bite of undesired candy (read: me) takes a clean knife and cuts suspect candy in half, revealing the innards for all to see. If said innards contain candied cherries or fruity nougat or peanut butter of any sort, they are left for other members of the family to consume. Otherwise, they are eaten promptly ;-).

  17. Lynn says:

    Our rule is to not buy assortments that we have to dig through but buy only the chockies we want–we make the Sees girl assemble a special box for us. 🙂 I so rarely can eat chockies; I can’t hack that amount of sugar any more (pre-diabetic, sugar makes my heart race if I get too much at once), and I so dearly love Sees that a box of it lying around is sheer torture. (Currently I’m satisfying my sweet/chocolate jones with homemade drinking chocolate, since I can control the amount of sugar and a little chocolat chaud goes a much longer way than the equivalent squares of chocolate would. Darn that Foodday, ever since their articles last week we can’t stop drinking the stuff.)
    My favorite Sees chockies are the butterscotch squares, which are essentially brown sugar creamed with butter and covered in chocolate. What’s not to love? Also love the Granny Apple truffles (essentially bonbons–nothing truffly about it). Actually I can’t think of a Sees chockie I don’t love.
    Eat some Sees for me, Mariko! 🙂

  18. Lisa says:

    Never met a chocolate I did not like, so taking a bite and throwing it back in the box is not an issue 😉

  19. carolyn says:

    knives? who uses stinkin knives? you jab your thumb into the back far enough to see what it is. then put it back if you don’t want it. 🙂

  20. debbie says:

    in my house, you eat what you pick up and bit into or give it to someone who wants it but you never put it back in the box….also, you gotta throw away those chocolate paper candy liners – don’t leave empty ones in the box – it drives me crazy!

  21. Martha says:

    Wasn’t there a scene about this issue in Crimes of the Heart?

  22. aimee noel says:

    My rules: It’s okay to “check” it by any means but your mouth (knife, thumb, or just breaking it in half are all okay). Once you take a bite and you don’t like it, it goes in the trash (unless someone else wants it)…
    The paper cups need to be removed once emptied. And you better get all the ones you want the first time in the box or it’s likely it will be gone super fast.
    Anyone with (mild) food allergies knows what it’s like to bite into something you shouldn’t, that’s why it’s okay to throw it out, in my book.

  23. danielle says:

    this is too funny. i’ve never met a chocolate i didn’t like so i rarely have to put anything back. plus i usually steal his when he’s not looking. the only thing that i would turn away would be raisins. if i come across a sliver of a raisin i discreatly spit it out and throw it away as if it never existed.

  24. alison says:

    I’m shocked to learn that there are people out there taking a bite and then putting it back! Never thought of it as a “rule,” but in my parents’ house, you pick it out of the box, you eat it. End of story. (Or, I guess, if it’s something you REALLY don’t want — because after all, whatever it is IS covered in chocolate — then Dad will eat it.)

  25. alice says:

    We’re working on training the younger set not to put food back on the common plate once they’ve bitten into it, so here are the rules for everything at the moment (including boxed chocolate):If you taste it and don’t like it, either spit what’s in your mouth into the garbage can (or a paper towel that you’re taking there pronto)and leave the remainder on your plate (or placemat–basically anywhere in plain sight and not on the floor)OR find someone who’s willing to take the remainder off your hands. I think we used all of the checking methods mentioned (biting, cutting, shaving, poking) at my parents’ house, though–including leaving bitten-into ones in the box as warnings or invitations.

  26. elizabooth says:

    I’ve never had See’s (I don’t think it’s a Canadian thing), but do they not come with a little map that tells you what’s what? In our house no one would even think of putting a chocolate back, so we study the little map and make sure to pick one we like. My dad, of course, pops any chocolate into his mouth without even tasting it as it goes down, so the gross ones eventually get eaten up by the end of the box.

  27. sonia says:

    hahahaha!!! this post really cracked me up… good to know i’m not the only one with weird chocolate-eating habits!
    in my house we (i) use a knife to slice off a small piece of each flavor, because i’m greedy for chocolate and want to try them all at once. no fruity innards for me though, blehckkk…

  28. Lydia Lee says:

    In our house, you may not put it back in the box once you bite it or if you’ve held it in your hot little fingers long enough to cause it to melt a bit, and you are obliged to choke it down and eat it. If you find it too unpleasant, you may put a your best cute face on, look adoringly at your mate and ask if he or she would like to finish it for you, and if that doesn’t work toss it in the trash. For me, chocolates containing coconut or walnuts are grounds for tossing.

  29. Lydia Lee says:

    In our house, you may not put it back in the box once you bite it or if you’ve held it in your hot little fingers long enough to cause it to melt a bit, and you are obliged to choke it down and eat it. If you find it too unpleasant, you may put a your best cute face on, look adoringly at your mate and ask if he or she would like to finish it for you, and if that doesn’t work toss it in the trash. For me, chocolates containing coconut or walnuts are grounds for tossing.

  30. Rachel says:

    I like to use the little map in the box (am I showing my drugstore chocolate fetish with reporting about these brands that include a map?) because I like to eat mainly 1) the solid milk and dark chocolate ones and 2) the caramel ones. After that, it’s sketchy.
    But absent the map, I’ll still look for the ones that I think are solid chocolate and then maybe just throw away the unappetizing ones that I bite into that aren’t caramel or something equally delicious and gooey (no nuts, no coconut, evah!)

  31. rae says:

    In college I had a house mate who thought it was perfectly acceptable to stick her fingernail through the bottom to see the filling. The guys we lived with didn’t seem to have a problem with that. I still shudder thinking about it.
    Now that i have 3 boys with ever-grubby fingers, my rule is a box for me and a box for them, what I don’t know won’t gross me out.

  32. hm says:

    oh, the rules for food! yes, it is important to follow, and i have also gotten into Big Trouble for breaking them.
    for all assorted boxes, chocolate must be eaten together, so that no one gets more than the other. the milk chocolates get eaten first, and we alternate who gets to pick first. we both bite into the chocolate at the same time; if you don’t like your piece, you can pick again. continue until only dark chocolate pieces remain, working down until only a few remain, and then caucus to decide if the remaining are “worth eating.”

  33. tammy says:

    Rules? At my house? For candy? Yeah – eat them or hide them. (it’s a kind of unspoken “don’t ask, don’t tell”)

  34. tammy says:

    Rules? At my house? For candy? Yeah – eat them or hide them. (it’s a kind of unspoken “don’t ask, don’t tell”)

  35. tammy says:

    Rules? At my house? For candy? Yeah – eat them or hide them. (it’s a kind of unspoken “don’t ask, don’t tell”)

  36. tamdoll says:

    sorry about that triple post!

  37. kelly says:

    I have to say that putting something back that has been “sampled” is definitely not approved. If I don’t like it – which is unusual, but might happen if it’s coffee/mocha flavored – I offer it to my hubby. If he doesn’t want it, it goes to the trash. My sister-in-law has a reputation for taking one bite of each type on the holiday cookie tray and putting it back – she is mocked and ridiculed by her entire family for this seemingly uncouth behavior!

  38. Looby says:

    When I was growing up the rule was, if you don’t like it pass it to Dad, including the hazelnut from the the hazelnut in caramel once all the caramel has been sucked off. My partner will eat any I have sampled but don’t like but he draws the line at pre-sucked hazelnuts!

  39. Brian says:

    Good lord! 38 comments so far! if you just bring all your SEP readers to Candy Addict maybe we can vault into the upper echelon of websites! 🙂
    Glad to have you, Mariko.

  40. Stephanie says:

    congrats on becoming a writer to support the Candy Habit 😀
    Rules? All the chocolate is mine. Seriously 😉 it’s because my DH has a deathly allergy to treenuts – so unless it’s totally guaranteed nut free, he stays far far away!

  41. Julia says:

    Most people I know (my family, my fiance’s family, and the school where I work) don’t seem to have many rules about the chocolates. You can totally leave your used cup in the box, you can bite into one and put it back (though you will get a couple sidelong looks). I guess there is one rule: never, never eat all of one person’s favorite flavor, which in our case are the bordeauxs!(sp?) Yum.

  42. Kay says:

    Total anarchy here! Must make rules!

  43. marianne says:

    Here’s the rule in our house: Just eat it! It’s all good! And don’t poke and pick, that’s gross!

  44. GTO says:

    Our rule has always been – Read the card that comes with the box and choose carefully. No putting anything back, if you don’t like it, chew quickly and swallow.
    Congratulations on the new Candy Addict position, too.

  45. ellen says:

    Growing up it was always “you touch it you take it”. Eat it or throw it away, just don’t put it back in the box. We left the papers in the box -it was because almost everything we wore or ate was home-made and we wanted to extend the “store-bought” experience as long as possible. My kids poke the bottoms, but if we have chocolates I always buy them each their own box because of their dirty paws, so they can suit themselves. If I share mine they take what they touch.

  46. Sandee says:

    I’ll only eat the square ones out of a box of See’s. My son eats the rest. That’s the only rule we have at home!

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