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My mother works a couple days a week at a local Asian grocery. I saw this bento box there and had been coveting it for a couple months. I just like to stare at those cute little deer. Bonus points to my mother for not rolling her eyes when I bought it.
Today I kind of freaked myself out with too much caffeine. In the morning I had my usual half-caf concoction, but then I went to Blue Gardenia with Melissa and had an americano that was seriously so good and so strong that my eyeballs nearly exploded out of my head. THEN I went to Amy‘s and had two more cups of coffee (though they were small, cute cups). I would talk about the cupcakes that Amy and I had, but I am too lazy to upload the photos, so y’all are just going to have to wait!
Oh, and I am now on ravelry (as supereggplant), though I must confess that I am not on it very often. Today, though, I went on and just trolled for friends and just started adding people to my friend list. If that makes me seem desperate or crazy, well, I HAD A LOT OF CAFFEINE, PEOPLE.
And for you runners out there, athlinks is an addictive site. I don’t really care about my race times or anything (well, obviously, just take a look at my times), but athlinks tracks them all and is, like ravelry, a community. All I’ve done is add race times and look for people to add as friends. I think I’ve only found one, though. Heh. So join up so I can have some more friends!

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10 Responses to caffeinated

  1. sequinK says:

    Cute bento!! I heart bento boxes along with all the happy ecoutrements — the little egg and rice mold thingies, and the contraptions that cut hot dogs into octopus shapes. They are like really cheap crack to me. Oh,… and the little containers that hold your damp hand towel — oshiburi? Beyond swooning cool. But I’m a dork.

  2. christina says:

    funny about the caffeine it seems when it rains it pours. I tend to have days like that where all I do is drink cup after cup, usually when meeting up with friends.
    i love the idea of athlinks but that would require running again and that has not happened in some time.
    [side note:: I was quite sad to hear from Melissa that shop was closing down up here. I will miss seeing you for pickups but maybe we will run into one another at the store some time when picking up food for dinner….or maybe I will see you running in the neighborhood. I guess that would require me to run.]

  3. Bonney says:

    Love your bento box! Is there any clue as to why you’re not with Superbuzzy anymore. I feel a bit adrift….

  4. hannah says:

    hey! do they sell those black cloth kung fu shoes there? i need to find a pair for eliot, aka the halloween ninja!
    ps. that is a crap ton of coffee.

  5. Bunny says:

    Great box. I wish our asian store stocked more cute stuff. It is all mostly food and anly a tiny section of gifts. No books at all.
    I am trying to cut back on caffeine but it is so hard. I put myself on the Ravelry waiting list.

  6. Laural says:

    I’m also suffering from overcaffeination. Bad, bad coffee….

  7. Ha! You on caffeine: I’m not sure you even need caffeine.
    I do a half-caff espresso at home in the morning, but only because I keep thinking I’m going to get off the espresso express (i.e., quit caffeine “any day now”).

  8. thuy says:

    wish i was a member of the in crowd that is ravelry. i guess some of us will never be cool enough.

  9. megan says:

    I remember that bento box…supa kyuto!
    I miss you. Let’s party when I’m up there,k?!

  10. Elinor says:

    Coffee. Knitting. Running. You missed chocolate. This is a post after my own heart!

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