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flower power

I am finished with the knitted portions of the Girly Knit flower vest, and now it’s time to grow some flowers! I managed to eke one out last night: That’s the back of the vest. I think I am just … Continue reading

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to fringe or not to fringe

Lillie, my friend Wendy’s daughter, asked me to knit her a poncho in blue and/or purple, so I did. I used Lion Brand Jiffy, and it took just a smidge over 4 balls. I’m going to send along the 5th … Continue reading

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super socks

I got my socks! I got my socks! I was lucky enough to be allowed to participate in a little sock swap with some major league sock knitters. Thank goodness for affirmative action (socks are not my forte). As you … Continue reading

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I’m on a roll, people!

I have another finished object! I am feeling drunk with power and self satisfaction! Bwahahahaha! Actually, that’s not really true, but it does feel kind of good to finish things. May I present the Ribby Cardi! I tell ya, that … Continue reading

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ribby progress

Here is the ribby cardi thus far: Not much else going on right now. There will, however, be some baking happening in the next couple of days!

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wool disguised as acrylic

What does this look like to you? Doesn’t it look like nasty acrylic yarn? Well, look closely–it’s 100% virgin wool! And it cost $1.99 per skein! I couldn’t pass it up. I found it at the Mill End Store, yet … Continue reading

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are you a joiner?

I don’t usually do knitalongs or jump on bandwagons because I’m generally a lazy and unreliable person (well, not completely, but you know what I mean). The other day, though, I got sucked into a furious game of Elann Frenzy. … Continue reading

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the poncho may be red, but my heart and soul are blue

Hi all. Pardon my absence, but I had to go dark for a few days in order to mourn. I’ve regained some of my will to live, though, so here I am. And look, I haven’t been completely unproductive! I … Continue reading

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noro for sale

We had a record-breaking 264 trick or treaters before we ran out of candy. I know. We RAN OUT OF CANDY. How does a candyholic like me run out of candy? I felt very ashamed. Next year I vow to … Continue reading

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I am working on the hem of the Karis poncho from Rowan 36 right now, and I think it is going to take me the REST OF MY LIFE. You knit it perpendicular to the poncho, and it is 48 … Continue reading

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