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power up

I’m thinking maybe Dell isn’t so evil after all. As promised, the repair guy called this morning and came by to fix my dead power supply. When I first bought a PC, I was very torn up inside–my brother and … Continue reading

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Yeah, yeah, I’m still knitting

It’s a poncho! It’s a sandwich board! No, it is zee front of zee Becky Wannabe sweater! I had Peter take the photo, and he commented, “Those Peeps do not complement the colors in the sweater.” Peep off, buster! Peeps … Continue reading

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red, red wine … vinegar!

In January I learned how to make red wine vinegar. Basically, you need red wine, a mother (a gelatinous, placenta-like glob that the wine feeds off of or vice versa, I can’t remember), and a large container. Today I bottled … Continue reading

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I’m feeling dizzy

NOT because of all the sugar from the Halloween candy (oh, speaking of Halloween candy, today the Hedster brought me some Halloween marshmallow Peeps [I’m a member of the fan club, you know], and she gave Peter an entire carton … Continue reading

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happy halloween

I love Halloween. LOVE it. I do, however, find it rather disturbing that stores already have Halloween stuff. I mean, it’s only September! But you can bet I was not complaining when hubby brought this home for me today: It … Continue reading

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the mutual bad influence society

Would you care to join the Mutual Bad Influence Society? Membership is open to all persuasions, as long as you are a bad influence. The other day I was telling a friend she was a bad influence because she reignited … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to Peter

Today was hubby’s birthday! I tried to make a special dinner, but it wasn’t especially good. Hey, I love to eat, and I enjoy cooking and baking, but I’m really not that good at it! We had grilled rib-eye steaks, … Continue reading

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Meat is meat, and man’s gotta eat

Did you all see Motel Hell? Where the motel proprietors bury their guests in the ground with their heads sticking out, cultivate them, and then make them into sausage? Well, anyway … Every morning I take little Deedlehead out for … Continue reading

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new toy

Watch out, cuz look what I got! Yup, a DYMO label maker! The technology has really advanced since the days of the old DYMO label makers that clicked along on the vinyl tape. I have a slight urge to label … Continue reading

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bloggers unite

Is it just me, or do you all feel like you have a lot in common with other knitting bloggers? I find this fascinating, because in “real” life it is really tough to meet people on the same wavelength and … Continue reading

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