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get your hot buns here

Inspired by Clotilde‘s amazing food blog, I decided to make Hot Cross Buns. They are basically cinnamon rolls without the cinnamon, don’t you think? Frivolous food purchase of the day: I know, completely gimmicky. A chocolate shaped like a Pringles … Continue reading

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swappin’ fever

I am currently participating in THREE online swaps: the teaswap, the stateswap, and Em‘s cupid exchange. Am I really so desperate for presents in the mail? Funny discoveries of the day: Did you know Wil Wheaton (yes, the actor) has … Continue reading

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it seemed like a good idea at the time

I believe I have mentioned before the 50-pound polarfleece remnant sack I purchased from Malden Mills. I became delirious thinking about this giant stash of fur, so I ordered it. It is so large and heavy that it practically needs … Continue reading

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scarfin’ along

And I am STILL knitting scarves! I just finished this one for a friend’s mother in Japan: It’s made with Online SPOT, a completely synthetic and fun yarn. The spots almost look like they are floating. The colors are kind … Continue reading

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blt/bpt progress

Okay, OKAY, here is a knitting update. I’ve been working on bpt/blt lately. I finished the upper portion and am now on the body. It is going slowly for some reason (maybe because I am SLOW?), but it’s fun, and … Continue reading

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searching for santa

Hey out there in blogland–a friend of mine is looking for a pattern for a knitted Christmas stocking that has Santa’s face on it. It is a vintage sort of stocking with a fluffy beard and everything. Can anyone help? … Continue reading

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lather up

The generosity of knit bloggers never ceases to amaze me! Jessica makes handcrafted soaps, and when she saw that I was obsessed with anything grapefruit scented, she offered to send me some soaps. I never expected anything as lovely as … Continue reading

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more for the fabric stash

I was gone ALL DAY today. I took Peter’s truck in to have the seat replaced (he insists that the foam in the seat has gone flat in less than a year), and that took the entire day. Luckily, the … Continue reading

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it’s a bird! It’s a rutabaga! No, it’s …

SUPER EGGPLANT! Isn’t it cute? It is courtesy of Jessica‘s husband Wes. Talk about talent! I mean, compare that to my lame attempt: My insane brother picked up his Gleevec today for his Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia and will start on … Continue reading

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big bag

Miraculously, I found time today to do a bit of sewing. The design for a mini messenger bag had been running through my head for a couple of weeks: You can’t see it all that well. I would have modeled … Continue reading

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