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It hasn’t rained here for nearly half a year, so I suppose it’s a good thing it’s raining right now. The bad thing is I’m headed to San Francisco tomorrow, and I don’t care to drive in the rain. It … Continue reading

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are you aware?

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and there is so much good pink stuff out there for sale I can hardly stand it. Cancer-killing Megan is completely obsessed with it all! Since I’m going to see her in a couple … Continue reading

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Was ist das?

I may not speak German, but I do speak the international language of candy. Today was traveling-German-food-truck day, so I went to load up on some bockwurst and saw this: Click the photo to see what’s inside. I asked one … Continue reading

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nobody beats the strizz

Joanna provided a recipe for Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies. Yum. Of course, because of my early onset dementia (I know I joke about this dementia, but I really AM scared I’m going to get it, and I don’t consider … Continue reading

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happy hallowiggie

I think the Hallowig is total genius. Mine came out a little big, and Peter thinks it looks rather Roman gladiatoresque. I tried to get some wax lips or teeth to wear in the photo, but the store I went … Continue reading

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free beans

Today was Pioneer Day in our little town. It’s a celebration of community or something. Most of the stores are closed, since the purpose of Pioneer Day is for everyone to come together and celebrate. I got talked into helping … Continue reading

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knit your karis away

I started knitting Karis, the lacy poncho from Rowan 36, but instead of using the lovely Rowan Kidsilk Haze that the pattern calls for, I’m using Lion Brand Imagine, a nylon/mohair blend (mostly nylon with a dash of mohair thrown … Continue reading

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chickens and aprons

The other day I made beer can chicken. I only recently heard about this recipe. Basically, you take a whole chicken and sit it atop a half-full can of beer. You then barbecue the baby via indirect heat, and you … Continue reading

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those french know their tarts!

Last week I made tarte tatin with pears, and I kind of burned it (overcaramelization). We still ate it, though. Anyway, yesterday I made another one but with apples. It was more successful than its predecessor (I know it’s not … Continue reading

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full frontal apron

Women in Japan seem to be very into aprons, and we’re not talking just any kind of apron. The aprons there often have sleeves and cover big areas of the body. My mother likes to wear these aprons, and I … Continue reading

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