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sharpie love

My brother told me I had to post something to see if his computer works (he moved stuff around or something), so here it is. Anyway, who doesn’t love Sharpies? They are definitely on my list of best-ever inventions, and … Continue reading

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ritter sport

My one major regret from my last trip to Portland was that I passed up the Ritter Sport chocolate bar with cornflakes. I keep kicking myself for doing that, and I had every intention of going back to the German … Continue reading

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ponchos for pooches

Lest you think I’m a terrible mother for not making Deedle a raincoat, here is a poncho blanket I made for her the other day: As you can see, I have a warped sense of the size of my dog’s … Continue reading

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of pouches and gummi worms

Today I was going to sew Deedle a raincoat, but thinking about designing a pattern for her oddly shaped little dog body made my head hurt, so I sewed a little zippered pouch instead: Dude, check it out–it’s lined! And … Continue reading

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are you a joiner?

I don’t usually do knitalongs or jump on bandwagons because I’m generally a lazy and unreliable person (well, not completely, but you know what I mean). The other day, though, I got sucked into a furious game of Elann Frenzy. … Continue reading

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the poncho may be red, but my heart and soul are blue

Hi all. Pardon my absence, but I had to go dark for a few days in order to mourn. I’ve regained some of my will to live, though, so here I am. And look, I haven’t been completely unproductive! I … Continue reading

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noro for sale

We had a record-breaking 264 trick or treaters before we ran out of candy. I know. We RAN OUT OF CANDY. How does a candyholic like me run out of candy? I felt very ashamed. Next year I vow to … Continue reading

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