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You say macaroon

I say macaron! I always equated “macaroon” with coconut, so I stayed away from them. I recently learned, however, that the French macaron has nothing to do with coconut. It’s made of meringue, almond flour, and powdered sugar, and the … Continue reading

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and I ran

I’ve been sewing a lot of lycra garments lately, and that got me thinking. Some of us really have no business parading around in lycra, and if you’re like me, you’re always searching for tops that are just the right … Continue reading

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flowery vest completed!

Okay, so I finally finished the flowery vest from Girly Knit! Yeah, that’s Peter’s thumb in the photo. I was too lazy to crop. Here’s a closeup of one of the flowers, complete with beads: I tell you, mohair is … Continue reading

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turkey mole okay!

For dinner I made the Turkey Mol

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flower power

I am finished with the knitted portions of the Girly Knit flower vest, and now it’s time to grow some flowers! I managed to eke one out last night: That’s the back of the vest. I think I am just … Continue reading

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at least he’s trying

Peter does appreciate knitting, and he does try to learn some terminology. The other day, in fact, he referred to “that eyebrow stuff.”* * I told him about eyelash yarn when he was describing the fluffy scarves that all his … Continue reading

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is it early or late?

Today I made a Christmas stocking for my friend Wendy’s wee one. I have to send her older one her poncho, so I figured I could kill two birds witih one stamp and send the stocking, too! It’s a little, … Continue reading

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super duper surprise balls

Amy of miniature clay sushi fame sent me a magnificent surprise ball: Check out the great prizes she included! Here are some closeups of the goodies: Can you believe that miniature sweater? It has a little donut appliqued onto it! … Continue reading

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and now it is time for lycra

Well hello there my moisturized friends. Thank you for all the suggestions! Now I have a huge list of moisturizers to try. Okay, so as I threatened, I’m going to show you some multipurpose exercise pants I sewed up! I … Continue reading

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Tune in tomorrow or the next day, and I may have some lycra capris to show you (I know! And it’s not even Halloween!). In the meantime, I have some questions: 1. Has anyone tried Rowan Handknit DK Cotton? How … Continue reading

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