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to sell or not to sell

A couple weeks ago Thuy told me I had to make three zippered pouches and three totes by June 15. She further instructed me to sell these items on ebay. I made the deadline! Okay, so here’s the thing. I … Continue reading

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eggplant central

STOP THE PRESSES. Mailman Dave is BACK! Thank goodness, because I was really starting to lose it. The last couple of days the mail arrived really early in the morning, and it was kind of freaking me out. Today, though, … Continue reading

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what’s better than a cake? cupcakes!

Flag day also happens to be my neighbor Sally’s birthday. I told her I’d make her the white trash pistachio cake (Carolyn sent me the recipe) since she raved about it the last time I made it. I decided to … Continue reading

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father’s day is fast approaching

As a kid, I don’t recall Mother’s Day or Father’s Day being such huge commercial holidays, but what can you do? Usually I just send my father a card, but this year I decided I’d order him a couple little … Continue reading

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je vais tricoter avec le fil de variegated

Apparently Carolyn decided she had a few too many miles (seriously, she knows how many MILES of yarn she has in her stash) of variegated yarn, cuz I got a surprise package today*: Enough Phil Ruban to make the long-sleeved … Continue reading

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judging a book by its cover

I am a sucker for packaging, and I think all everyday items, such as garbage cans, utensil holders, pencils, sandwich bags, you name it, should be cute or pleasing to the eye. I mean, why not? So, when I saw … Continue reading

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dogs like tea, too

Just over a week ago I noticed that our mail was coming later in the day. I thought maybe our regular mailman Dave was on vacation or something, but he is still gone! I don’t know if he up and … Continue reading

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just can’t get enough

I know I have been a little loopy for the skirts lately, but hey, it’s one way to get through my stash, right? I decided to try my hand at that skirt from the Japanese skirt book (Skirt a la … Continue reading

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T complete

I tend not to show progress reports on my knitting projects, so it might not seem like I am knitting at all, but I assure you I am. Here’s proof: I finally finished my Nuthin’ but a T! It was … Continue reading

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fab fab finds

I found out about an impending garage sale of vintage decorator fabrics and was lucky enough to get a sneak peek. The hostess of the garage sale used to be an interior designer in Los Angeles, and she held onto … Continue reading

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