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what up, dawg

The Schmeebot she is currently a tad fixated on sock and glove animals. As obsessions go, she could do a lot worse. Hello, pooch!

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natty natto

Megan was in town over the weekend, and today she did our family a huge favor by cutting my father’s hair. She is a hairdresser extraordinaire, you see, and my father has refused to go get his hair cut for … Continue reading

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random stuff continues

Sorry I haven’t blogged for several days. We had a friend come for the weekend, so we were out chasing around, going to REI, Powell’s Books, eating lots of good food (but sadly still no sugar, dairy, or wheat), not … Continue reading

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olive you

My friend Megan gave me an issue of Olive Magazine, a Japanese magazine that I can only describe as a lifestyle magazine. I guess it’s kind of like a japonesque Martha? There’s some crafting, some food, some profiles of artists, … Continue reading

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groats and farina

Egads, am I really going to talk about food again today? Sorry. It’s just that I went to Bob’s Red Mill Store today, and it was so great that I have to share. The store has every Bob’s Red Mill … Continue reading

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to wheat, or not to wheat

When the right bagel comes along, what’s a gal with sinus issues supposed to do? You see, there’s this bagel guy in town. He doesn’t have a bakery or anything; he’s just a guy who is obsessed with bread. He … Continue reading

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how sweet it is

Some of you have asked if my acupuncturist/naturopath has me off sugar. Well, I’m very sad to say that yes, I am supposed to be off dairy, wheat, and sugar until I get better. Of course, I have already failed. … Continue reading

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blog slowdown

I apologize for not having much blog fodder lately. I’ve been feeling cruddy, and my brain isn’t working very well, which means I have not been doing anything crafty or creative. I’m fed up with this bloblike existence, so I … Continue reading

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gingerbread houses galore

Mrs. H started the annual tradition of a gingerbread house-making party long ago. As we kids moved away, I think the parties were put on hiatus. I always loved the tradition and planned to start it myself but never succeeded. … Continue reading

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crafty stuff by other people

Chico Hayasaki was a Japanese foreign exchange student at our high school a bazillion years ago. The funny coincidence is that I stayed at her family’s house during a high school trip to Japan. Anyway, she is now an incredible … Continue reading

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