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another craftless weekend

I had grand plans to sew all sorts of things this weekend, but I did not sew one stitch, nor did I knit a stitch! It was still a nice weekend, though. The weather here was gorgeous, and we spent … Continue reading

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so happy together

I’m starting to develop a system now for making these little otama guys … I asked my mother what an otama is, and she said it means “ball” or something like that. Does anyone else out there know?

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otama life

Hey, those otama things are much easier to make than the crochet kitties! I whipped one out yesterday evening. Now I want to make a whole fleet of them! Work on the driveway continues, much to Deedle’s dismay. I had … Continue reading

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trio of crafting books

I went to Kinokuniya the other day. I hadn’t been out there or purchased any Japanese crafting books for a long while, so I guess I was due. I frantically sifted through the books (I was with my mother, and … Continue reading

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fabby vintage fabs

So the other day when my mother and I were digging around for her button box, we came across some old fabric she had stuffed into a drawer. It’s pretty vintage, from the 1960s and 1970s! My mother did a … Continue reading

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Sanford & Son, Japanese style

I was over at my parents’ house today, and I asked my mother if she still had her button box. My intent, of course, was to steal it. We started looking for it and in the process unearthed some other … Continue reading

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get the stink out

Those of you who exercise or generally sweat a lot can probably relate to this: you know how your exercise apparel seems clean and fresh after you wash it, but as soon as you start to sweat, it gets that … Continue reading

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mmmmmm, pie

Who doesn’t love a good piece of pie? I love cafeteria-style establishments. These pies plus fresh strawberry shortcake are available at Tebo’s in Gladstone, Oregon.

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the land of pink cookies

I went to Spokane, Washington, for the weekend with my mother. My cousin’s daughter (i.e., my mother’s brother’s granddaughter) is spending a semester abroad (she is Japanese), and this somehow landed her in Spokane. We actually have ties to Spokane–my … Continue reading

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