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sweet things

I don’t know if you noticed, but I haven’t blogged about candy in quite some time. Let’s fix that. I got some great Japanese candies from Kat last week. The package in the upper left contains gummies in shave ice … Continue reading

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treasure trove

My parents’ house is crammed full of … stuff. There’s stuff everywhere. The upside of this is once in a while I will find a little gem: A mushroom forest stitchery kit! My mother thinks she bought it, or maybe … Continue reading

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there’s fungus among us

My 90-year-old father had his first ever pedicure the other day. He’s too old to reach his feet, and his nails are too gnarled and nasty for anyone but this sweet Vietnamese manicurist to want to touch. He was a … Continue reading

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mug shots

Lordy, as if I don’t have enough things over which to obsess, I think I’ve accidentally rekindled my fixation with Fire King glassware! It’s been a good year or two since I bought a Japanese book about Fire King, and … Continue reading

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the green scene continues

I think I kicked my fatigue thing! I caffeinated the yin yang out of myself yesterday, and that seemed to freak out my body enough to hoist it out of its fatigue hold. Weird. Anyway, I managed to finish up … Continue reading

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cheeky business

Hey, it’s time again for some beauty talk! Maybe a couple of you have wondered whether I heeded any of your past advice. I have! I still use the Aveeno brightening moisturizer, and I did try the Bare Escentuals mineral … Continue reading

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There’s been little time for crafting as of late. We rented a 10-yard drop box, and we only have it for about 4 days, so we feel a bit rushed to fill it up. Peter is working on 2 projects … Continue reading

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back from skamokawa

We’re back from our short camping/boating adventure! We headed down the Columbia River on the Washington side and put the boat in at Cathlamet, the second oldest town in the state (according to a brochure in the Hai-Ying Chinese Restaurant). … Continue reading

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sailing takes me away

I had grand plans today! After running the Foot Traffic Half with Action Hero Melissa, I was going to bake two giant batches of cookies and get my hair cut. Instead, I slept the entire afternoon. I guess I was … Continue reading

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I see green

Thanks for all your kind words about the milkmaiden dress. I actually like it, and I think Peter’s comments are really funny. It’s a good thing I’m not super sensitive! The deer I’m holding is heavy plastic and was a … Continue reading

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