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apple troika

The apple fest continues! Action Hero Melissa was telling me about some apple corduroy she got at Fabric Depot. I saw a photo of it and decided I needed some, too. That same day I went to Amy‘s to help … Continue reading

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superbuzzy tease

Kelly and I have been working hard getting the next superbuzzy shop update ready. It’s probably about a week away. We’re awaiting the arrival of a couple more boxes of goodies, and then we should be set. In the meantime, … Continue reading

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just call me angel

Haha, hope everyone out there is doing well. It’s supposed to snow tonight but probably not very much. Anyway, I did test out the Trader Joe’s matcha latte. I made it with water so I could really taste the essentials … Continue reading

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the matcha revolution continues!

And Trader Joe’s continues to dominate my universe! I haven’t tried it yet, so I can’t tell you how delicious it is. Maybe I’ll try it this afternoon. It’s all grey and rainy here, so getting all jacked up on … Continue reading

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superbuzzin’ along

We’re expecting to do a big honkin’ update to superbuzzy in the next week or two, and there should be some pretty neat Japanese fabric goodness! In the meantime, though, there have been some little additions to the site, including … Continue reading

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fuzz factor

My new serger has inspired me to finally get to some of the high-tech fabrics I’ve been hoarding. Last year I got some fuzzy green fleece at my favorite high-tech fabric store: Rose City Textiles. If you shop at a … Continue reading

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sweet or savory?

You know that age-old conundrum? It usually hits you when you go out for breakfast–sweet or savory. Should you go for the pancakes or french toast, or should you get eggs or corned beef hash? It’s nice when you can … Continue reading

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