just about ready to take on the panties

I made a couple more running shirts using my new coverstitch machine (the Janome CoverPro 900CP). I still haven’t mastered the coverstitch quite yet. I haven’t been able to use Woolly Nylon in the looper–I can’t get the tension correct, and I’ve tried various tricks (e.g., always using the nets) to no avail. But, I haven’t given up, and I am definitely sold on having a coverstitch.

run shirt fish_606x768.jpg
This fish fabric is wickaway lycra, if you can believe it. I used a flatlock stitch for the seams and tried (the operative word here being “tried”) to do something interesting with the neck. Here’s a closeup:
run shirt fish detail_1024x682.jpg

And then I used regular serged seams on this striped running shirt:
run shirt striped_616x768.jpg
Of all the running shirts I’ve made this batch (this is the fourth), I think this one turned out the least crappy. I like the little neckline (different neck binding than the others).
I haven’t tested either of these yet, but I have run in the other two, and they worked just fine. So, we’ll see how these hold up. Next I plan to tackle the running skort and the panties, though when I will do that is unclear, what with the new fall television season fast upon us and all (though did anyone try to watch 90210? I watched a few minutes of it, and it was so horrible! But Gossip Girl? Now that was a fun episode. Did I just admit that publicly? Whatever! XOXO).

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13 Responses to just about ready to take on the panties

  1. shelle says:

    I love that you are making your running clothes, looking forward to seeing the skort. Do you have a pattern or just winging it? Too bad on 90210, I loved the original, I think I had two Kelly haircuts.

  2. sara says:

    Like that last shirt a lot. Must investigate the cover stitch machine.

  3. kat says:

    I watched GG too! Yay! will watch 90210 tonight – I’m scared though….I was the original series biggest fan…

  4. Siew says:

    Can’t wait to see the skort. If you’re looking for more technical fabric, there’s a Canadian store that’s sadly going out of business, but has incredible sales right now. Textile Outfitters http://www.justmakeit.com I can’t believe their pricing right now.

  5. tammy says:

    That is so flippin’ cool that you can make that stuff. I haven’t advanced any farther than curtains with my sewing.

  6. pupule says:

    How well does the fabric wick? I hate having any kind of moisture on me when I run. I did not watch 90210 and do not plan on it. The commercials were bad enough. I did watch GG and I, too, admitted it publicly on my blog.

  7. naomi says:

    Great sewing – but i really want to see the panties! Hm, that sounds kind of weird…but I’m tempted to try it too. Would it be a good way to use up scraps?

  8. Aisa says:

    hahahaha the XOXO made me LOL.

  9. Susan M says:

    (okay, you know somebody had to say it.)
    I’m just stopping by and leaving a funny comment. I wound up buying all my yoga gear at(gasp) WalMart because of the nice, comfy Hanes yoga wear (yes, Hanes). I’ll splurge on the good stuff when I advance in the class! The running gear looks terrif!!

  10. Spare Ribbon says:

    I like the blue striped shirty a lot!

  11. Susan M says:

    …..waiting for a new post, M! Are you busy watching gossip girl episodes?

  12. Jesselyn says:

    So where did you get that first fabric?! It’s so unique and I love it to bits.

  13. Rachelle says:

    This is great! While I was at the gym yesterday, I actually was thinking of making my own gym clothes, since none of my gym clothes fit me right. I’m going to have to get myself some wickaway lycra.

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