It was quite a weekend. I headed down to the beach with my craft group (only three of us were able to go, though, so it was Crafty Lite) while Peter stayed home and waged battle against a rat that decided to terrorize our home. At one point he went after it with a samurai sword. Let’s just say I am really happy I was not home this weekend.
Anyway, down at the beach we went crabbing for an afternoon. The weather was beautiful, but it was a little chilly. It kind of amazes me that they will rent these boats to just about anybody, but with Wendy at the helm, Lisa and I felt safe. The boat rental came with three crab pots, and we just zipped from pot to pot in search of crabs. Wendy was a competent driver but a tad reckless at times, so at one point we were dragging three crab pots behind us. I bet people were mad when they couldn’t find their pots where they left them. Oops. We also took a canned Bud Light break, as you can see.
We got one, which is better than none!

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2 Responses to Crabby

  1. MicheleLB says:

    I wish there were video from the samurai sword incident!

  2. arawa says:

    That looks like so much fun! How long were you out there?

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