All hail Halloween

All hail Halloween, originally uploaded by super eggplant.

It probably goes without saying that I love candy and that Halloween has always been my favorite holiday (but I guess it’s not REALLY a holiday). I unboxed and prepped the Halloween candies this evening, so we are ready! There are 90 full-size candies, so after 90 kids (or maybe fewer, since some of the candies might need to be “tested” before the actual holiday), that’s it! Lights out!

I remember roaming the streets of NW Portland with a pillowcase. It was always such a thrill to feel the thunk of the candy hitting the bottom of the sack. I remember one house gave out pennies, which I actually thought was rather cool (how naive was I!). Once home, my brother and I would compare our bounties and arrange the candies by category: chocolate, hard candies, icky ones. I think my favorites were M&Ms and Hershey’s bars, but I don’t really remember. Kids nowadays seem to go for the sour or gummi candies. What were your favorites?

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16 Responses to All hail Halloween

  1. megan says:

    sweet tarts were always my favorite…and bit o honey. i can’t believe that you do full size. the kids must love you guys!

  2. chez shoes says:

    My favorite was always candy corn. Weird, right? It just seemed so special since you could only get it once a year!

  3. kimchi says:

    oh, snickers, twix, kitkats, and ROLOS! :o) I lurve Halloween too… My favorite thing to do after a night of trick or treating was to take a deep breath of my candy bag to get a whiff of all that sweet loot! It was such a distinct smell.

  4. KelleBelle says:

    I wanna come trick-or-treating at your house, but I think Oregon is a bit of a drive from BC 🙂 My favourite candies were Reese, Coffee Crisp, Crispy Crunch, and Aero bars. Chocolate FTW! I shall be at the drugstore at 9pm on Hallowe’en waiting for the candy to go on sale half-price. I’ll need it for the all-night marking-fest that will be MY Hallowe’en party.

  5. MicheleLB says:

    Kit Kat. Definitely Kit Kat. And peanut butter cups.
    Somehow I keep forgetting to buy candy for Saturday. Maybe there won’t be any. We’ll see.

  6. christina says:

    Tootsie Rolls, Pep Chews and Oh Henry’s. I think you can (or could) only get the last two in Canada.

  7. Kathy says:

    My favorites were Reese’s peanut butter cups, M&Ms, and Hershey’s chocolate. We give these out everywhere at our house now, but maybe we should switch to something I don’t like so I am not tempted by any leftovers!

  8. Lydia says:

    Milky Way and Reeses, for the most part.

  9. Seanna Lea says:

    I loved rolos and reeses, but really liked the house that did handfuls of coins (and they just collected their change year round, so it was not just pennies). I remember feeling rich the day after halloween with my coin filled bounty.

  10. Arawa says:

    You used the indestructable pillowcase too? I didn’t want any chance of my loaded down bag breaking in the middle of my pillage! There was this one house that gave out big taffy apples. (or caramel apples. I call them Taffy apples because of the compamy here in Chicago). This was before all of the sickness of razor blades in apples happened. Anyway, we always hit that house on Halloween night. That house and any house that gave out full size bars like you do.

  11. Kay says:

    Laffy Taffy. Now R Laters. Smarties. Sweet Tarts.
    In other words, non chocolate, maximum tooth damage type candies.
    My kids love the Nerds in all their incarnations but especially the Nerds rope. Which is beyond bizarre as a confection. Crunchy-sour stuck to gooey-sour.

  12. freecia says:

    I get a huge bag of the sugary ones like sweet tarts, nerds, etc since the boyfriend gets a bag before I set them out and more if there’s leftovers. Admiration for your arrangement skills!
    Are you going to the store on Sunday to pick up some leftover cheap cheap candy?

  13. debbie says:

    chocolate was and always will be my favorites! i use to like giving out airheads, but couldn’t find the box of them at costco so had to settle on fruity gummies and mix of hershey mini packs. i’m ready for at least 80 kids – our usual amount….

  14. Robin says:

    I always loved Mary Jane’s those chewy squares that could pull out your teeth. Do they even make them anymore? After those, anything chocolate and chewy like a Milky Way. We’ve lived in our house almost 20 years and never had a trick or treater. That doesn’t stop us from buying candy every year “just in case.”

  15. Annhb says:

    Snickers and Reeses! This year a house gave out mulled wine to parents.

  16. amy k. says:

    abba-zabba, baby. I loved them!!

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