sailing skirt

Okay, can you believe I finished sewing my skirt?

beach skirt.JPG
Am I on a roll now, or will I not make anything for another few months as a result of exhausting myself? The fabric is from the Heather Ross “Lightning Bugs” collection. It has sailboats and people hanging out on the beach on it. The skirt is essentially a combination of patterns from some of my Japanese skirt books. I even lined the thing so I won’t have to worry too much if I wear hot pink underwear! Now I just need proper footwear and some shirts.
As for the freezer paper stenciling, you can find good info, as usual, on Amy’s post here. There’s also a flickr group dedicated to freezer paper stencils here. You can find freezer paper at your better-stocked grocery stores and fabric paint at your local craft store. I used cheap Tulip fabric paint from Michael’s.

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19 Responses to sailing skirt

  1. molly! says:

    Any chance you know what freezer paper is called in Japanese? Furizaa peipaa?

  2. molly! says:

    Oh, and cute skirt!!

  3. carolyn says:

    dude, the skirt is awesome. your knees are the beach!!!
    and i don’t know why you refuse to mention it – but FYI other readers: you can get freezer paper at all your good quilt stores!!

  4. Taya says:

    That is such a cute skirt! I love the fabric. I can help you with the shoes. You know me – can’t sew but am an expert shopper.

  5. jackie says:

    I was eyeing that fabric for a skirt myself some days ago. It looks great!

  6. Petula says:

    Great job on the skirt!
    I also like the hedge-u-pine from your previous post.

  7. Lina says:

    Love that skirt! (and the hedgehog too)

  8. marielle says:

    That skirt is fabulous! Like something from Anthropologie or J. Crew’s online-only line, only better!
    As for shoes… heh. The skirt is crying out for some cute Mary Janes, you know 🙂 I think a trip to Johnny Sole may be in order?

  9. carol says:

    cute! love the pockets

  10. alice says:

    Cute skirt! I love those pockets. 🙂

  11. gleek says:

    oh, i just love that fabric! i’ve seen it at one of the local fabric stores and wanted to buy some but never know how much i’ll need for any certain project 🙂

  12. Gina says:

    Another Super Eggplant winner. I think you will be on a roll now.

  13. janel says:

    Wonderful skirt. I love it matched with that shirt. And the POCKETS! Get thee some flip flops and you’re all set for summer!

  14. whitty says:

    I bought the same fabric for a skirt as well! The beach boarder is begging to be made into a skirt. I also made cutains out of the material.

  15. melissa says:

    that turned out great! I love the pockets.

  16. Gina says:

    Your skirt is beautiful. Love the fabric, the pockets and buttons. Perfection!

  17. Emma says:

    Your skirt looks gorgeous! great work!

  18. amy k. says:

    OMG! how flipping suteis that!! I love to pocket-please show it saturday!! or better yet, have it on!

  19. amy k. says:

    OMG! how flipping cute is that!! I love to pocket-please show it saturday!! or better yet, have it on!

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