keeping the casio

I decided to just embrace the Casio and its persimmonness (thanks, Peggy). It has a lot more features than my little Sony. Here’s a photo of today’s lunch so you can see what lovely shots the Casio takes:

Mmmm, it was a delicious sandwich from St. Honore Boulangerie in NW Portland.
In superbuzzy news, Kelly and I are hoping to have an update with new products early next week, so stay tuned!

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5 Responses to keeping the casio

  1. Sil says:

    I bought a hot pink coin purse at DSW at Marlyand S&W (we always shop there at MD) to keep my camera in. People are always astounded when I bring it out that A. it’s so small and B. it’s orange/persimmon.
    I’m glad you’re keeping it, it’s been a good camera for me. I bought a 1GB card for it and it can hold about 420 pictures now. Crazy.

  2. freecia says:

    Ohh! Nice light balance!
    Costco sent me a coupon in the mail for up to $15 Sandisk Media Cards. Might be worth poking around in your mail if you want another memory card (just in case you bought a smaller card).

  3. Sandee says:

    The casio’s take great pics…I love it! I have the EX-750 in boring silver.

  4. megan says:

    dude, give me that sandwich! i’m getting the kodak. we can have a “camera off”

  5. me says:

    🙁 the superbuzzy page does not open for me – i do not know why – eggplant, please help, i really want to see the fabrics!

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