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Muji ripoff tunic thingy

On my last trip to Japan I spied this cute wool tunic at Muji. I didn’t buy it, though, because I am often captivated by these tunic-y things and think they are cute, and then when I put them on … Continue reading

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berger cookies

If I were to dwell on the negative, I would think about all the years I was deprived of Berger Cookies. Instead, though, I will look on the bright side and just be grateful that I have a good friend … Continue reading

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giveaway winners!

We have winners of the index tabs! As you can see, I wrote all the participant names on these tiny little TidBit pieces of paper (also courtesy of JetPens!) and drew two names: Jolynn is the winner of the camera … Continue reading

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Holiday giveaway!

I realize there’s not a lot of traffic moving through here, but the kind folks at JetPens still saw fit to offer me some gift certificates so I could get my grubby hands on some Japanese office supplies. I figured … Continue reading

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coffee goods

For a country steeped in a rich tea tradition (get it? tea? steep? ha ha ha), Japan has a lot of really pimpin’ coffee-making stuff. It is still not that easy to find super delicious coffee (don’t mean to be … Continue reading

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Fun with Gofun

My friend Chico, the amazing artist and fabric designer, is also a highly skilled gift giver. When I saw her recently in Tokyo she gave me this very cool Japanese nail polish by Ueba Esou, a Kyoto manufacturer of paints … Continue reading

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doubleknit revolution

I have been a little preoccupied with doubleknit for about a year now for some reason. The preoccupation multiplied in September when we went to San Luis Obispo for our nephew’s wedding. We visited some friends down there, and I … Continue reading

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deedle’s new coat

Here in the Pacific Northwest raincoats are just part of the uniform. I know some people would never put a coat on a dog, but what dog would want to be wet? Definitely not Deedle. She is cold most of … Continue reading

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Just got back from Japan, and I am trying to hold onto the positive and motivating thoughts that a relaxing vacation can conjure up. This happens every year, but I always quickly fall back into ye olde rut. I suppose … Continue reading

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Ginger Shortbread

Ginger Shortbread, originally uploaded by super eggplant. You know, these are the cookies you take to a gathering, and everyone kind of looks at them like, meh, they look kind of sad and lame, but then they bite into one, … Continue reading

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